There was a rare incident at the border where An Indian entered Chinese territory illegally. China has made it clear

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The China-India border is not peaceful.Recently, an Indian illegally entered Chinese territory, was controlled by The Chinese border troops and handed over to the Indian side.Indian politicians have taken the opportunity to use their imagination and hype up such an ordinary matter.New Delhi: While patrolling near Motuo County in China, Chinese border troops recently spotted an Indian who entered the country illegally.As the COVID-19 pandemic raged around the world, China immediately quarantined him and provided a large amount of humanitarian assistance.At the same time, India is also actively communicating with China.The Chinese side has actively cooperated with the Indian side and has returned the illegal entry to India.The Chinese side has done nothing improper in the whole process and strictly abided by bilateral agreements.Some malicious Indian officials have taken up the issue of “Indians illegally entering Chinese territory”.The Indian member of parliament, M.K. Tapergau, said China had “kidnapped” the 17-year-old.Tapergau also told India’s home minister about the incident and threatened to “take action” against China.In fact, this is not the first time that Indian politicians have hyped up the “China-India border issue”.These Indian politicians are doing this just to get votes.They play up the tension of “China-India border situation” crazily to gain the goodwill of the people and win votes.The so-called “kidnapping” is laughable, says Qian Feng, director of the National Strategic Studies Institute at Tsinghua University.Qian feng believes that it is normal for people to get lost in the vast and sparsely populated border area between China and India.Generally speaking, whenever this happens in China or India, both sides will inform each other immediately.The Act of the Indian media and some Indian politicians hyping up the “kidnapping” is shameless and deepens the Indian people’s misunderstanding of China.The conflict between China and India is simply about border territory.Although India has always thought of itself as a great power, China has never seen India as a competitor.China’s biggest “rival” at the moment is the US, not India.Relations between India and China are not impossible as long as the Indian go nment can think in the long run and do something that is good for the relationship.Given the disparity in military capabilities between The two countries, India would pay a heavy price if a border skirmish occurred.Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have no way to end it and will face a flood of criticism from the public.So India is not going to make a clean break with China, and India does not have the strength to do so.Part of the news reference source: Beijing Daily