Volunteer team presents Spring Festival gift package to Huangpu Geriatric Care Hospital

2022-05-31 0 By

“During the epidemic, nursing hospitals are not open to the public, and visits from elderly families have been temporarily suspended, but we have prepared rich ‘Spring Festival gift packages’ for grandparents!Let the community elders can be noisy, happy Spring Festival!”On the eve of the Spring Festival, a “special” volunteer team from Yuyuan Street came to huangpu Geriatric Care Hospital located on Zhonghua Road to deliver Spring Festival greetings and care to the elderly in the community.Who are these well-wishers?Originally, yuyuan Community Volunteer Service Center learned that due to the epidemic, outside service agencies were unable to enter huangpu Geriatric Care Hospital, and some basic living needs of nearly 400 elderly people in the hospital, such as haircuts and pedicures, could not be met.After a brainstorming session organized by the volunteer service center, the group decided to carry out “door-to-door” service for the elderly.As of press time, the team has provided 8 door-to-door volunteer services for the elderly, with a total of about 2,400 people served.Thanks to the good feedback from the elderly and the active volunteers, this excellent activity has been carried out until today.In addition to the volunteer team from Yuyuan Community Volunteer Service Center, many old and new friends joined in this special “Spring Festival Gift package” service.On the eve of the Spring Festival, volunteers from yuyuan Community Volunteer Service Center arrived as scheduled to provide health and cleaning services for the elderly, such as haircuts and foot adjustment.What is more surprising is that Baiyun Taoist long also came to the scene, writing for the old man, send blessing.Huachi Huachi, an enterprise in the district, took the initiative to shoulder social responsibilities and purchased the “micro landscape” decoration for the nursing hospital during the Spring Festival.Shanghai Pujianghui Community Public Welfare Development Center sent red socks to each elderly person, and invited volunteers to decorate the hospital room with the elderly, adding to the atmosphere of the hospital, and to send New Year’s greetings to the elderly.On the day of the event, young and child volunteers took time out of their winter vacation to perform for the elderly in the multifunctional hall on the 13th floor of the nursing hospital to enjoy the Spring Festival gala.The stage was full of dancing and clapping.Zhang Yang, the director of Huangpu Geriatric Care Hospital, expressed his blessing to the elderly and thanked all the volunteers for their care for the elderly in Huangpu, and hoped that everyone could carry forward the Chinese filial piety culture and pass it on.