Wang Jiuzong, former inspector of the Development and Reform Commission of Hebei Province, accepted disciplinary examination and supervisory investigation

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Wang Jiuzong, a former inspector of hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, is under disciplinary investigation and supervision by the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision on suspicion of serious violations of discipline and law.Wang Jiuzong, male, han nationality, born in August 1957, zunhua, Hebei Province, started to work in November 1980, joined the Communist Party of China in April 1983, on-the-job postgraduate education.1980.11 — 1984.03 Operation manager of Nanxincheng Commune, Zunhua County, 1984.03 — 1985.06 Deputy Township Head, Dongling Township, Zunhua County, 1985.06 — 1989.10 Party Secretary, Dongling Township, Zunhua County, 1989.10 — 1992.02 Deputy Party Secretary, Dongjiuzhai Town, Zunhua County,Mayor, February 1992 — January 1994 Secretary of the Party Committee of Dongjiu Village Town, Zunhua County (1995/05 — 1992.05 Studied in the Certificate Class of Agricultural Economic Management, Central Agricultural Management Cadre Academy) January 1994 — October 1994 Secretary of the Party Committee of Zunhua Town, Zunhua City, October 1994 — February 1998Member of Standing Committee of Zunhua Municipal Committee and Minister of Agriculture and Industry (1995.08 — 1997.12 Studied Party and Government Management in Correspondence School of Party School of the CPC Central Committee)Deputy Secretary of Yutian County Committee, Deputy Secretary of Yutian County Committee, Deputy Secretary of Yutian County Committee2007.07 — 2007.08 Vice Mayor of Tangshan, Secretary of Yutian County Party Committee 2007.08 — 2010.08 Vice Mayor of Tangshan, 2010.08 — 2012.02 Standing Committee member and Vice Mayor of Tangshan,2012.02 — 2017.01 Member of standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal Committee of CPC and Vice Mayor (division of executive government work)2017.01 — 2017.09 Inspector of Hebei Development and Reform Commission 2017.09 Retired