Winter Olympics roundup: 10 teams win gold MEDALS, record for nation of 5 million, thanks to Beijing

2022-05-31 0 By

On February 6, 2022, the second gold Medal day of the Beijing Winter Olympics ended with six gold MEDALS being won by six teams.So far, 10 teams have won gold MEDALS, including China and Asia’s first gold medal, Japan.Elsewhere, New Zealand, a nation of five million people, set records by winning its first Ever Winter Olympics gold medal, with 20-year-old Marya Sinnott thanking Beijing.A total of 6 gold MEDALS were decided on the second gold medal day, respectively: New Zealand’s Sinnott won the women’s snowboard slopestyle gold medal with 92.88 points, which is the first Winter Olympics gold medal in New Zealand’s history.After the race, Sinnott thanked Beijing, saying the track in Beijing was the best and allowed her to give full play to her abilities.Marino of the United States took silver and Cody of Australia took bronze.Andrei Bolishunov and Andrei Spezov of the Russian Olympic Committee swept the men’s cross-country pursuit, with Finland’s Matsuka Niskanen taking bronze.Vanderpoel of Sweden won the men’s 5,000m speed skating title in a new Olympic record, while Rust of the Netherlands took silver and Engelbloten of Norway bronze.Australia’s Jekala Anthony won the women’s moguls freestyle title, followed by The United States’ Maria Koff and the Russian Olympic Committee’s Maria Smirnova.Germany’s Ludwig won the men’s individual luge gold medal, Austria’s Jindel and Italy’s Fischnerer took second and third place respectively.Japan’s Yoo Kobayashi won the men’s individual standard ski jump, the country’s first gold medal of the Winter Olympics.Fettner of Austria and Kubarzky of Poland won silver and bronze respectively.At the end of the day, 10 teams have won gold MEDALS, Norway and Sweden have won two each, and the Russian Olympic Committee, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Slovenia, China and New Zealand have won one each.China’s PERFORMANCE: Su Yiming, 17, qualified for the men’s snowboard slopestyle final as the no. 1 qualifier.The Chinese women’s ice hockey team beat Japan 2-1 in a penalty shootout to move one step closer to the quarter-finals.In the figure skating team event, China entered the final in fifth place, creating the best record in history.Chinese curling pair Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi lost to England and Italy in a row, suffering their sixth straight defeat and missing out on the semi-finals.While There were no MEDALS for Chinese players on the day, there were plenty of surprises, such as in women’s ice hockey, where China fought hard to come back and beat a strong Japanese team.And then there is the junior Su Yiming, who has made a major breakthrough in our once weak events. It can be said that China’s ice and snow sports have made significant progress!