Football Wednesday premiership highlights: Aston Villa v Leeds united

2022-06-01 0 By

Fundamentals: Villa have gone through a slump since the end of the 2015-2016 season, relegated to the Championship for three seasons before returning to the Premier League. Last season villa made great progress in the Premier League, finishing 11th and already back in mid-table.This season the whole solid state is stable, 21 after the round 8 wins and two draws 11 negative results, being temporarily ranked 26 points, 11 due to outbreaks, villa have 2 rounds of delay, villa at everton in the last round of league, first-half stoppage time boone diaz scored the only goal, 1-0 win away to aston villa,There were ugly scenes as the team ran to the corner area to celebrate After Buendia’s goal, with everton fans repeatedly throwing water bottles into the pitch, hitting Cash and Dine, who were not seriously injured.Villa are now unbeaten in their second round after fighting back from two goals down to draw Manchester United with goals each from Aaron Ramsey and Philippe Coutinho.Leeds united the ninth league success last season, is pretty obvious progress, after all, this is their first 16 years to return to the premier league, but also into the middle position, but Leeds imposing manner, the season 6 before the start of the first round of a win is hard to find, now 21 round 5-7-9 achievements, now 22 points and temporary row number 15,They dropped six places from last season after two games less, having struggled to beat Newcastle 1-0 at home after a 60% advantage in possession and four players were disgraced.Harrison’s hat-trick redeemed Leeds from their fa Cup defeat at West ham in a 3-2 win last weekend, but the reds have been limited in their ability to play away from home, losing five of their first 10 away games so far, notably by seven goals at Manchester City in round 17.Comprehensive analysis: the two sides nearly 10 meetings, vera 3-4 flat 3 achievements, trailing both neck and neck, a recent meetings, aston villa in the 1-0 victory over Leeds united away, the game initial main data with the 0.5 ball out, afternoon are transferred to the main ball 0.75, support for the villa sufficient strength, based on the analysis of above fundamentals, like aston villa win.