News feature: A man and a green hill

2022-06-01 0 By

April 5 – Qingming Festival holiday, the weather in our city is fine, the temperature rises slowly, the forest fire risk meteorological level is high, in our outing to enjoy a good holiday at the same time, many people are not lax to patrol the forest, today, we will know one of them.Wolong Mountain is an important “ecological green lung” in the urban area of Our city, and has the reputation of “back garden” of the city. This precious mountain resource is guarded by a group of forest rangers day and night all year round.Sun Yuansheng is a forest ranger in the 400-mu mountain farm around Houguanzhuang Village on Wolong Mountain Street. No matter spring, summer, autumn, winter, cold and hot, he can always be seen on the mountain in orange color.Although has nothing to do now banned vehicles personnel into the forest, but still occasionally around mount from the path up the mountain, which requires sun yuan wins the rangers found in time and dissuade down the mountain, the recent dry weather, the grim situation of fire, a small fire could forests destroyed one of the torch, sun yuan to further tighten the fire string.Patrol mountain forest protection, hidden trouble investigation, publicity forest fire prevention knowledge……It takes sun more than an hour to walk the mountain by motorbike, and he has to walk to patrol numerous trails and forests.Forest fire prevention is not only the task of forest rangers, but also the important responsibility of mountain villages.Qingming Festival, after the village additional checkpoint duty and mountain patrol personnel, strictly prevent and defend to eliminate fire hazards.”We always have an emergency response team of 40 people on standby, and the officials of the two committees are also on duty 24 hours a day.”Shanhaitian Wolongshan street after the official village party branch secretary Pan Wen said.Day after day, year after year, the forest behind the rangers and the villagers grew greener and greener.”It’s a big responsibility, and I’m not sure if I can’t go around the mountain any day.To take care of our forests, we must achieve green mountains and clear waters.”Sun yuansheng said.(Lu Xiaowei pei Fei, reporter of Rizhao Radio and TELEVISION) Editor in charge: Mu Mu