There are certain things in life: How much money you make and how long you live are all predetermined

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01 As the saying goes, “Life must have its end at times; life must have its end at no time.If there is something in your life, you will have it.There is nothing in life for you, nothing even if you strive for it all.You get what you deserve.Can not get, after all, is not belong to you.No matter how hard you try, the final result will not change.There is a saying on Zhihu: “What I thought I had got what I wanted was just a joke in my dream.”In one’s life, not too many people get what they want, nor will there be absolutely everything goes well.All you and I have is the fate that belongs to us, and the people and things that matter to us.Who you date, who you marry, who you spend the rest of your life with, it’s not up to you.All you can do is follow the “trend” of fate and choose.Just like the “historical trend”, that is the law of social development, people can not change, they have to accept.History is so, so is life.What’s more, the life of the individual, after all, is not so simple as we imagine.Everything is the result of many conditions.In this life, how much money you can make and how long you can live are “god’s will”.02 How much money you make is destiny.Some people are worth hundreds of billions before they reach 40.Some still have mortgages to pay, worry about being laid off and are unhappy.Some become bosses as they go along.And some people become poor as they walk, not to mention a comeback, perhaps even a stable problem.Some climb the entrepreneurial ladder, gradually catching up with the market.And some people no matter how entrepreneurial failure, can only become the boss of the workers, a lifetime of social livestock.The gap between people, why so big?The gap of both ability and fortune.He is very capable, but unfortunately, he met with economic fluctuations as soon as he started his business.So how could he have survived?His ability is general, but luck is particularly good, a venture to meet the dividend, directly in the cusp of the storm flew up.In the startup world, we often say, “Five points of ability, three points of luck, two points of destiny.”Thirty years ago, before the Internet boom began, there were a lot of people exploring the Internet market.But why did only a few people win?It seems to be a matter of ability, but it is actually a matter of fate.Some people are meant to be great, some are meant to be mediocre.This is the reality that ordinary people cannot change.Just think, we can’t control our career completely, how can we control great wealth?How long you can live is god’s will.As the saying goes, “All things come to an end.Everything in this world has its destiny.No matter what we do, it’s just a “fly in the ointment”.Like “life span”, do you think humans can control their own life span?I’m sorry to say that no matter how rich a human being is, he or she has no control over how long he or she will live.Just look at 2021, when many of the world’s billionaires left before they turned 50 or 60.Can’t they afford cutting edge drugs?Certainly not.But even though they have so much money, they still can’t control their own life span. How can they be ordinary people?Life, after all, a little fragile.To borrow a saying from the Internet, no one knows who will come first, tomorrow or accident.However, some people should not die, so he can definitely land on his feet, even if he fell from the tenth floor and survived.Some people are destined to die, and no matter how cautious they are, they can only accept the fact that their time is coming.In the face of life and death, human beings are still helpless, can only live one more day, then rejoice.At least, to grasp the present life is the best fear of life.Everything is meant to be.Han Yu, one of the eight masters of the Tang and Song dynasties, said that the bright moon and the night are many, and life is not up to him.On August 15, the moon will be absolutely full.People in this life, after all, need to look at “fate”, rather than look at other people and things.The older you get, the more you believe in fate.This is not a negative, but a gradual Epiphany of maturity.When he was young, Zeng guofan believed that “manpower is very strong”. As long as he worked hard enough, he could achieve something and excel others.After the age of 35, Zeng Guofan believed that “there are seven parts of human power and three parts of god’s will”. As long as he could cultivate his mind with self-discipline, he would be able to break through certain limitations.In his middle age, Zeng Guofan put forward a point of view that people live in half while nature lives in half.People and nature, usually can be split 50/50, ability and a person’s good luck, is bound to achieve something extraordinary.However, as Zeng Guofan was getting older after his crusade against the Taiping army, he came to the conclusion that the attack was a matter of destiny.Sometimes, the number of qi, is the key to prosperity and decline.Zeng Guofan’s experience and perception from his youth to his old age illustrates a truth that even a sage who is “immortal in virtue, words and meritorious deeds” has to follow the will of god and obey the spirit.All this, after all, is the perception brought to us by the years.At least let us know that it is enough to live life as it is, to live life to the best of our ability.That’s all.There are deer in Shu Mountain