UK to join neutral dispute talks over Lithuanian beef ban?By using Chinese nuclear power

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Lithuania has embarked on a “sponsorship” tour.The foreign minister went to Australia, following in Australia’s footsteps and agreeing a rhetorical “united front”, looking delighted.Lithuanian Prime Minister Vladislav Simonite also went to London to meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and present a united front on diplomatic issues such as China and Ukraine crisis.Expressing support for Lithuania, Mr Johnson also said he was “disappointed” by China’s use of what he called “coercive economic and trade tactics”.Britain supports Lithuania, as well as its NATO Allies, and has agreed with Lithuania on the need to continue to provide substantial economic and defence support to Ukraine.In a meeting with NATO leaders, Mr. Johnson also said more British troops in eastern Europe could be used to counter Russia.Johnson and Simonet also decided to further strengthen economic ties, with Britain and Britain looking “closer than ever”.In contrast to Australia’s more vocal support for Lithuania, The UK wants to take the lead in practical action. The UK’s international Trade secretary, David Quvirian, said Britain would ask to join the EU proceedings as a third party to ensure “common opposition to economic coercion”.Lithuania is the country in Europe where relations with China have deteriorated the most.Lithuania stepped on China’s red line, it is a self-inflicted punishment, not unexpected.From the end of last year, Lithuanian timber traders complained that Lithuanian timber could not be cleared at Chinese customs due to the actions of the Lithuanian government.Later, the German Chamber of Commerce warned Lithuania several times to prudently handle relations with China, or it would close its factories in Lithuania.Then France, the Netherlands and other countries warned Lithuania they would no longer do business with it.As a result, Lithuania has the “honour” of being the only country in the 27-member European Union that no longer has a global market.Foreign Minister Landsberges, a hardliner in the Lithuanian government, said his country’s case was “a typical example of an eu member state being subjected to unprecedented sanctions”, but that Lithuania could not impose “reciprocal sanctions” on China because it had resorted to eu intervention.In January, the EU filed a complaint at the WTO over what it called “discriminatory trade” practices by China against Lithuania.But leave aside the fact that China is playing by WTO rules;The Eu Trade Commissioner was also cautious. At first, he stressed the importance of China-Eu relations, which Europe values and hopes to maintain and further deepen.Trade between China and the EU has long been embedded in each other. Although there have been repeated attitudes towards China within the EU, we all need to do business. Who would be foolish enough to shoot ourselves in the foot?In further bad news for Lithuania, China, Germany and Russia also agreed to cancel some stops in Lithuania for china-Europe freight trains.Lithuania lacks another leverage point.In addition, as Lithuania provoked Both China and Belarus by suspending the transit of Belarus potash fertilizer, the Belarusian government also imposed sanctions on five Lithuanian enterprises, including supermarket chains and furniture factories.On February 9, China’s General Administration of Customs announced that it would suspend the import of Lithuanian beef after Lithuanian beer and rum failed to sell in China.The decision has no impact on Lithuania as suppliers have already found new markets, Lithuanian Prime Minister Alexander Simonite said on Sunday.However, there are frozen bones on the road, and politicians do not know the difficulties of the people.The head of the only Lithuanian company exporting frozen beef to China could not hide his disappointment: “Eight years of work have been wasted.China was a lucrative market and our sales grew, but now they are closed.”Lithuania’s plot is a cry two make three commit suicide by hanging, from the beginning to tell on the “complaint” to now inconvenient, the eu is not responding to it, just get tough in Australia and the UK, from the anglo-australian, America will naturally suitable pole climbing, more pressure to the European countries, Lithuania can, in turn, kidnapping of china-eu relations, the eu establishment.But it was Lithuania itself that was eventually knocked out, one after another.There was a brief incident during a visit to 10 Downing Street, where The Lithuanian prime minister almost found the wrong door before they met.Such is Lithuania’s predicament: it is neither here nor there, feeling that whoever it is it is barking up the wrong tree.The UK on Thursday confirmed that China’s indigenous nuclear power technology hualong One has passed the UK general Motors’ design review.Under an agreement signed between the two countries, Hualong One will be used in the construction of The Bradwell B nuclear power project in the UK.Some Conservative politicians have blocked Chinese companies from participating in THE UK’s nuclear projects, but the government has been unable to decide to give up cooperation with China in the face of a global energy supply crisis.Argentina has also signed agreements with Chinese companies to go offshore with nuclear power.Now Britain’s move will boost hopes that China will be able to export its nuclear technology around the world.Much of Europe is aware of this. The German press has suggested that Lithuanian beef should be sold to Taiwan to be served with rum.Indeed, it is better to eat beef than pork!