Why did the word of mouth collapse?Are young people not buying Han Han’s movies?

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How much more can you expect from Han han?All han han has done is write about a street skitter or several street skitters hanging out together.He could not understand or imagine the life and work of people with a high school education or above.Add racecar attributes to a street racer and you’re a hero?No, because he doesn’t know what a hero is.He only knew how to write about street slickers.Triple door that is the identity of a classmate bound those few people, there is no sense of violation.When it came to the film making stage, there was no longer the identity of classmates to tie people together, it became a street gangster party, and even the identity was arranged as neighbors, relatives and village, there was no experience of meeting someone in a certain place and becoming friends.Go on a trip and everyone you meet is either a liar or a thief.Or you run a video parlor, and you run into a demolition crew.Han han did not know that he would meet a lot of friends if he opened a shop there, but he thought he would be bullied.He felt that a shop owner, in the demolition of the front will be like a street, the demolition of the party caught the past dozen.Communication with civil servants is not limited to an old police station.Those who open shops are more likely to deal with people from industrial and commercial taxation, health, urban management and neighborhood committees.Street skates only deal with the police station.Flying life – Zhang Chi, fried rice stall boss riding the wind and waves – Xu Zhengtai, video hall boss will never meet – no serious work, play billiards hall, you have an impression.The inn called for a technician.The route of street skates born in the 1980s from 1990 to 2005 can be drawn directly in the GIF.In fried rice stalls to eat the cheapest fried rice, a large amount of tube full also cheap, to play a billiard, gambling money to get some money, rich on the small hotel called a technician, no money in video hall to stay up all night.Those who are better off, those who are used to it, get a motorcycle.Every boss on the street has a car.Han thinks these bosses love racing cars. They love racing cars.To be more precise, Han Han has no normal work and business experience, so the world in his works is the world seen by a street slayer.Between each other interrupt dozen bully, chat about ideal, looking for a girl to fall in love, borrow money, fight, whorehouse, drag racing, game hall, play billiards, video hall, eat food stalls, hope to be valued by the rich.The main character in Han han’s movies is doing these things, which he thinks are cool, and he hasn’t changed them for 20 years.(From Triple Gate to the four Seas, the first 50 characters cover everything the main characters in all of Han’s films do.)But in the eyes of normal people, these are the activities of street slickers.Han han may not even realize that his life experience is limited to a group of streetwalkers.By the way, Han Han is 39 years old.Deng Chao has a book called “American Dreams in China,” about the archetypes of highly educated and successful people.Deng Chao certainly studied and designed a very good identity reversal and psychological reversal for the role itself.Deng Chao as male no. 2, pulling Huang Xiaoming this male no. 1 with the biggest identity conflict and contradiction.Four years later, Deng Chao and Peng Liying starred in Ride the Wave…Han Han could not write this kind of characters, the description of the rich are, the demolition of real estate, rich second generation.It’s not that he hasn’t come across such rich people, but simply because he hasn’t been to a class or a college course of study, he can’t understand how people make money by starting a business.Some sound has a special video series of street slickers, which can be searched directly when you are free. It is basically the source of Han Han’s creation.More mischievously, he is a man who has spent more than two decades, from literature to film, explaining what the world should be like as seen through the eyes of street slickers.