Xu Min’s appeal is dynamic change, but the net friend is static

2022-06-01 0 By

On February 13, see always firmly support Xu Min’s sharp, said she finally spoke the truth, waiting to drop powder.I didn’t see her live. I don’t know what she’s talking about.I saw someone say she switched sides.Laugh.If she rebelled, it would not be Xu Min.It is just that the heart has not been the truth of Xu Min and her brother.This kind of heartache, the real support of the truth, all understand.Sharp is also with cargo owners broadcast, September 18, others fall over each other to start, sharp can not.On the disaster donation in July, Sharp was the one who donated 20 million yuan.Donating money is within your means, not a eulogy.Just want to say, 28 middle school earn more than her, also did not donate 2W.It wasn’t sensationalism. She just donated.In my heart, I feel so sharp that I am too sharp.But support Xu Min, she is very serious.28 fermentation so far, it should be noted that Xu Min’s appeal, perhaps dynamic change, and netizens, is static change.With the changes of time, events, family relations and surrounding cultural relations, the general direction of Xu Min’s appeal remains the same, but some details may also change.Which is normal, because they all have to live.Something deflect, or she needs it herself.In short, outsiders do not know much about it.Xu Min but netizens want to see, cut through the confusion, promote the truth out.From the beginning to the end, it was the same wish.It’s a matter of priorities.At present, Xu Min is on good terms with Yao Wei’s family. It is not clear whether she has achieved her expectations.In short, the truth is not far off, and many people who support the truth will be considered to be opposed, which is not good.In 28, or very know there are a lot of people, is relatively pure.No matter what others say, they are firm.Trust them.(Pictures from the Internet, infringement must be deleted)