An Indian medical student who has become an Internet sensation is building a bridge between India and China with short videos

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Chengdu, Feb. 2 ( — Indian medical students who are “Internet celebrities” build Bridges between India and China with short videos in the New Year, according to reporter Yue Yitong.Happy New Year, auspicious year of the Tiger!”Sanjay, an Indian student in a cowboy coat and black baseball cap, smiles broadly into the camera as he records a New Year greeting video in Chinese.As an “Internet celebrity” with about 1.4 million followers and more than 21.1 million likes, short videos are the main way he communicates with Chinese netizens.Sanjay is making a New Year’s greeting video.Sanjay, 26, from Kerala, India, is currently an intern at West China Hospital of Sichuan University after studying at the West China Medical School.Sanjay has been studying in Sichuan for more than 5 years. The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is the third Spring Festival sanjay has spent in China.Unlike previous years, he will spend this Spring Festival working as an intern.”It is a doctor’s duty to protect the health of others.I also eat hot pot and drink baijiu with my friends after work to celebrate the festival.”Sanjay in learning.”The Spring Festival is a time for family reunions, such as pasting couplets, eating reunion dinners, offering sacrifices to ancestors and watching the Spring Festival Gala…”Sanjay knows a lot about this important traditional Chinese festival.”All my memories of Chinese New Year are good.””It was a very interesting experience,” he said with a smile. “Sausage is an indispensable food on the table of Sichuan people during the Spring Festival.”Making and tasting food is one of Sanjay’s biggest interests, and he believes that this “down to earth” approach to food helps promote cultural exchanges between India and China.On the short video platform, Sanjay, under the name snjy, shares recipes of Indian food such as chicken curry, Gul ‘dan sugar and Brahman cake, and posts videos of himself tasting Chinese food such as hot pot, chili chicken, lu zhu and bean sauce.Pictured is Sanjay.Apart from food, Sanjay is also dedicated to popularizing Indian culture through short videos.Less than a year after opening his account in August 2020, he had more than 1 million followers.”I think the reason why so many Chinese netizens follow me is because they want to learn about Indian food, culture and see the real India, which is why I became a vlogger.””During my years in Sichuan, I have felt the rapid development of China and the good study and living environment. I love China very much.”Sanjay said that if given the chance, he would like to be a “bridge” between India and China and contribute to the mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples by introducing Indian culture and food to the public through short videos.”Because India and China are neighbors, we are good neighbors.”On weekdays, Sanjay often shares his life in China with his friends and relatives in India through videos and phone calls, introducing them to China’s urban construction, traditional culture and economic development. During the Spring Festival, he also sends New Year’s greetings to them.”I hope to break down the prejudice of some Indians against China. I always tell them that they should visit China for themselves when they have the opportunity.”Sanjay said that many people around him are looking forward to visiting China and will definitely come to experience real Life in China after the epidemic.Sanjay in practice.Affected by COVID-19, Sanjay has not been home for more than two years.He said that although he often misses his hometown, the process and efficiency of the Chinese government and people working together to fight against the epidemic have made him more deeply aware of the profession as a doctor, which is a special harvest.”This year is the Year of the Tiger. My New Year wish is for the Indian and Chinese people to have more extensive exchanges. I hope the friendship between the two countries will last for a long time and grow deeper.”Sanjay said with a smile that if he returns to India in the future, he will still do his best to tell a true and objective “China story” in India.(after)