Are the current new energy vehicles worth buying?A new energy owner tells you the truth

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As an owner of BYD E5, I often pay attention to new energy vehicles of other brands.In general, the majority of people regret buying new energy cars, mainly because of some disadvantages that many people know.In addition, as a person who is good at thinking, I will also add something that others have not said.New energy vehicles are generally more expensive than fuel cars!Once upon a time, our domestic cars are below 100,000 yuan price.Now the new energy vehicles, all of a sudden the price of domestic cars to tens of thousands, two hundred thousand, or even four and a half million!Has the quality of Chinese cars improved a lot?No!Ten or two million, but also understandable is the battery.Why can a car like NIO sell for more than 500,000 yuan?How much can I add to the battery?Therefore, this wave of new and old forces of car manufacturing, through the wind of new energy, suddenly pulled up the price of domestic cars.Of course, foreign brands are not cheap, such as Tesla.Everyone is so expensive!Therefore, the cost of buying new energy vehicles is actually very high!The cost of new energy vehicles is not lower than fuel cars!All kinds of disadvantages of new energy vehicles, people who buy cars have a certain psychological preparation.Can accept these shortcomings, but also to buy, on the map of two things: card, car cheap!Now many cities have license limits, but without exception, the green light for new energy vehicles is in line with the expectations of all owners with this purpose.And new energy owners widely look forward to the car cheap this one, new energy vehicles do it?No!Take my BYD E5 new energy car as an example.Byd E5, if not a new energy car, is actually no different from the previous F3!How much is BYD F3?The price of a naked car is about 50,000 yuan, and the landing price is about 65,000 yuan.And BYD E5 new energy, I bought the landing 150 thousand yuan!That is to say, the same brand of the same grade of car, new energy is almost more than almost twice as expensive as fuel oil!(I’m mainly talking about the economic entry type, want to compare the luxury car, do not send).In this case, the price of the car alone is 85,000 more!In Shenzhen, if you buy a new energy car, you can get a license plate worth 60,000 to 80,000 yuan, so it doesn’t look like a loss.If it is the second or third line cities with unlimited license plates, it is extremely not cost-effective to buy pure electric new energy!That’s just buying a car. What about daily use?Now, let’s calculate carefully, the daily cost of new energy vehicles and oil vehicles!To be fair, compare the same grade.Now, take my BYD E5 new energy, and BYD F3 for comparison.According to statistics, Chinese car owners will change their cars in 3-5 years on average.It is not because the Chinese are rich and capricious.But because of this time, many parts of the car aging to a certain extent, usually maintenance and repair costs are relatively high.And this time, you can sell the car for a good price.That way, you can get a new car and try other brands as long as you make a partial payment.Therefore, 3-5 years replacement is the most appropriate and the choice of most Chinese car owners.Now let’s take a look at how much BYD’S E5 and F3 will cost after five years of use at the same level.My car is now more than 3 years old, with a total mileage of 86,000 kilometers. Charging costs 14,000 yuan, with a unit price of 0.16 yuan per kilometer in total!The parking space in my community is 400,000 yuan, which is N times more expensive than my car, so I didn’t buy a parking space, so I couldn’t install charging piles.Overall, my charging costs are likely to be higher than those of other drivers.That gives me an average of 28,700 kilometers per year on my BYD E5.That’s about 143,500 kilometers in five years!Byd E5 electricity 14.35*10000*0.16=22960 yuan!Byd F3 oil cost 14.35*10000*0.5=71750 yuan!Byd E5 saves 48,790 yuan for fuel!As the purchase price of BYD E5 is nearly 85,000 yuan, the insurance premium is about 2000-3000 yuan per year!After two years (starting in 2022) because new energy vehicles need to use new energy vehicle exclusive insurance, so the insurance premium is higher.Even so, I still according to the lowest new energy car insurance to calculate, so, BYD E5 a replacement cycle down, the insurance cost more than 10,000!Maintenance costs, according to the first warranty 5000 km, the first warranty free, renewal of 10000 km a warranty to calculate, open 5 years 143,500 km, need to pay maintenance 14 times.Byd E5 maintenance 14 times is expected to cost 7000 yuan!Major maintenance at least twice, 4000 yuan, the total budget of 11,000 yuan!Byd F3 maintenance 14 times is expected to cost 14000 yuan!Two big maintenance, at least 8000 yuan!Total budget 22,000 yuan!Therefore, THE maintenance cost of BYD E5 can save 11,000 yuan.Depreciation!I am now the secondhand car that byd E5 family of 3 years newspaper buys price to me 35 thousand!Drive to 5 years, optimistic estimate secondhand car purchase price 20,000!Pure electric new energy vehicle depreciation is very severe.And BYD F3, run for 5 years, should be able to sell 15,000 yuan (new car landing 65,000 yuan)!Here, BYD E5 thanks to 80,000 yuan!Overall car cost, BYD E5 is higher than BYD F3 cost is -48790+10000-11000+80000=31210 that is to say, in the case of 5 years of replacement, new energy vehicles are not cheaper than the same grade of fuel cars!Such a calculation, the purchase of 85,000 expensive car, a replacement cycle cost 31,200 expensive car, the accumulative cost of 116,200!Therefore, new energy vehicles do not save money, but to spend a lot of money!Even in cities with limited license plates, neVs can get a valuable license plate for free, which is not a good deal.So, we look at charging than burning oil to save money, new energy vehicle maintenance costs are relatively cheap, it seems that new energy vehicles are very attractive.In fact, this is not to carefully calculate!Note that this is still in the new energy vehicle battery is not broken!If the warranty expires and the battery dies, you’re in trouble.A single battery costs more than an entire car sold as a used car!Therefore, the cost of new energy vehicles is not lower than fuel vehicles!New energy vehicles have range anxiety!Well, that’s something we all know.The new energy vehicle mileage anxiety, there are the following three reasons: one, short range;2. Long charging time;3. Charging piles are not widely distributed.Although now a lot of pure electric new energy vehicles always bid for 500 kilometers or even 600 kilometers of endurance, but the actual situation, the range of 500 kilometers of the car, can drive 400 kilometers is already very good!The tesla model3, for example, has a standard 556 km range.These 556 km, at least more than 100 km can not be counted on!First of all, Tesla will remind you that 90% of each charge is ideal, and in general, 90% of the charge will automatically power off!Then 55 kilometers will be gone!Secondly, in addition to the motor, the car needs electricity for air conditioning, the central control screen and various intelligent systems. It is conservatively estimated that about 20 kilometers of electricity is gone.Finally, most manufacturers advise owners to charge when 20% of the battery is left, which can not only retain enough power to find a charging pile, but also make the battery in the best condition, which can extend the battery life.So the power is gone for 110 kilometers!Therefore, in general, even for high-end new energy vehicles like Tesla, the standard range of 556 kilometers is good enough to finally have an effective range of 400 kilometers.In reality it may not be possible!This is because driving at high speeds consumes more power and the range of the vehicle is much shorter in cold winter weather.Tesla, domestic those about 400 kilometers of the range, the actual effective range can be a little more than 300 is very good.This is a far cry from the stable 500-600 km range of fuel cars!If it is some 1.5L or so manual shift economy car, even can achieve more than 700 kilometers of endurance.Therefore, new energy vehicles and fuel cars, the endurance is short and unstable, so not reliable!The battery life is short, but the charging time is very long.If be about to have no electric circumstance below, quick charge needs 45 minutes or so to charge 80% commonly.A full charge takes about an hour and 20 minutes.This speed, and refueling is really far away.Refueling if wechat pay, in the case of no queue, it can be 2 minutes to cause refueling + payment.If it is in a hurry, new energy car charging is certainly very delay.Fast charge is so slow, slow charge is always ten hours of charging speed, more unreliable.Under such circumstances, charging piles are not popular enough.There are a lot of gas guzzlers like Natchez, land rover, Mercedes G and so on, and they don’t necessarily have the same range as tesla model3, but they’re everywhere and they fill up fast, so there’s no range anxiety.New energy vehicles are not the same, charging pile is still very few!Take my hometown for example. In my hometown, a small town with thousands of people, there are three gas stations, but no charging piles at all!No charging piles within 50 miles.In cities, there are more charging piles, but the density is far less than that of gas stations.So the car is either charging or on its way to find a charging pile.Found it, and had to stay for another hour or so!Like fuel cars, have long vacations, you can drive home, you can go on a trip.But if it is a new energy car, it is unimaginable to run such a long distance!New energy vehicle safety needs to be improved!Tesla recently had a series of high-profile accidents.There have been dozens of horrific accidents at home and abroad involving allegedly faulty brakes.There are two reasons for this. One is unique to Tesla and the other is common to all new energy vehicles.One reason: Tesla uses single-pedal mode!Reason two: new energy vehicles accelerate too fast!People don’t fit in very well.In this single pedal mode, you release the accelerator and you brake.I was once in a Tesla and the woman took her foot off the accelerator about 50 meters from the traffic lights and stopped about 30 meters from the stop line.Then she smiled awkwardly, hit the gas, and the car shot off like an arrow.She let go of the accelerator again, hoping for a quick brake.But she had gone too fast, and it wasn’t enough to stop the car just by letting go of the brake!She stepped on the gas again!So she ran a red light!This is my first close encounter with a female driver and a Tesla!It scared me half to death!Through this incident, I know that tesla’s single-pedal mode can actually brake by releasing the accelerator.This has resulted in some drivers using only the accelerator for too long, with their feet habitually pressing and relaxing on the accelerator and ignoring the brake pedal that was supposed to brake.When found that the car is still relying on inertia to slip the car, his foot is clearly loose of the “brake state”, but the car is still walking, subconsciously want to step on the real brake, but the foot has been used to put the accelerator side, a foot to go, that can fly out?In addition, as a trolley car, the acceleration performance of the Tesla is comparable to that of a sports car, so it is easy to achieve high speed in a moment when operating under stress.I believe this is the real cause of many Tesla accidents.Single-pedal mode, really only Tesla can do that.But the acceleration performance of new energy vehicles is fast. It is really dangerous for drivers with poor technology and poor psychological quality who have not driven new energy vehicles before.Because, a foot throttle, greatly beyond their heart expected speed, will make them too late to react, thus making the wrong operation, resulting in accidents.My BYD E5, which my wife drove once, rear-ended someone else’s car because she didn’t get used to the acceleration of the tram.Therefore, the safety performance of new energy vehicles needs to be improved!New energy vehicles develop too fast!Recent years have seen the fastest development of new energy vehicles.A car bought two years ago might be worth a lot less by now.Take tesla for example, after the completion of the Shanghai gigafactory, tesla model3 sold at 360,000 yuan in 2019 can be reduced to 250,000 yuan in 2021!That’s an incredible price reduction!Just think of the first batch of people to eat hairy crabs in 2019.Other brands too!Take BYD Qin pure electric car for example, 2016 300 km range, the price of 169,800!And the 2019 421 km range, 125,000!You say the people who buy in 2016, loss or loss?New energy vehicle technology is not mature enough new energy vehicles, the most important is undoubtedly the battery.At present, lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery are the most widely used batteries.However, no matter it is lithium iron phosphate battery or ternary lithium battery, it is difficult to make a major breakthrough in battery performance, so that it can not only meet the high battery life, but also meet the ultra-fast charge, and can solve the problem of low temperature energy attenuation.In this respect, each big battery manufacturer also did sufficient effort!There are blade batteries, there are solid-state batteries, and of course there are graphene batteries.However, these are shouted several times no sound!Because of solid state batteries and graphene batteries, the technology can be achieved, but the resulting car will be super expensive and cannot be promoted on a large scale!So now those solid-state batteries are quieting down.Slowly, sodium ion battery, aluminum ion battery, hydrogen fuel cell and other research and development directions have been taken out of hot speculation!Why is that?Because each big battery factory knows, lithium battery basically like this, very difficult to have breakthrough!Plus lithium is getting more and more expensive, the cost of building cars will get higher and higher!So, they have to study new directions!The fact that there are so many directions suggests that none of them are reliable at the moment.Therefore, the technology of new energy vehicles is still in the stage of multi-direction exploration, which is still very immature.To sum up: new energy vehicles are expensive to buy, expensive to use, short range, long charging time, less charging pile, not suitable for long-distance running, safety performance to be improved, depreciation too fast, technology is not mature.So, a lot of people buy new energy cars, regret!Including me!!!!!!!