Athletic Ridge Cup: new teams need to lose not to be feared, but to be frustrated when necessary

2022-06-02 0 By

The key teams of KPL and KGL are actively preparing for the transfer work and the timing of the preparation ahead of the official spring league of KPL King of Glory 2022.King of Glory’s various leagues have enriched esports and entered a “void” without competition.At this time, Baidu in the domestic king of Glory e-sports circle held a large cup – king of Glory sports ling competition.The competition brought together eight top professional teams from the domestic KPL and GKL leagues: Guangzhou tTG, Chongqing Wolves, Foshan GK, Chengdu Ag Super Games, xYG, Xi ‘an WE, Hangzhou LGD Geese and Fire Leopard E-Sports Team.GK beats xYG!But young xYG, don’t panic, necessary frustration is normal.Foshan GK easily defeated xYG 2 team 2-0 in the King of Glory Ridge Competition, ranking first in Group B.From these two matches, it is not hard to see that there is still a gap between xYG and KPL.XYG team 2 won the early advantage by fighting, but was also taken out of the game by an unexpected push in the middle stage.And then it was crushed all the way to the end, tearing the economy apart.It’s like boiling a frog in warm water and losing two games in a row.Frankly, it’s very similar to how xYG played when he first came into the KPL league: it doesn’t work, doesn’t deal with military routes, and just wants to play in the dark with the other side.XYG played all fall, and the second team still played that way.It’s not hard to see the problems in the game and training.But to borrow a phrase from Zhang Daxian, “Don’t panic, take the medicine.”Young xYG, the necessary hits should probably help the team grow.If you lose, just go back and practice and get your revenge.