Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye paid a visit to Monaco and Nice

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China News Network Paris on February 26From February 24 to 25 local time, Ambassador Lu Shaye and his wife Wang Liwen paid a visit to Monaco and Nice, France.During his visit to Monaco, Lu Shaye met with Moldova’s Foreign Minister Amadei and had in-depth exchanges on the implementation of the consensus reached during the talks between the two heads of state during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the development of Bilateral relations.Lu shaye said that China and Moldova have maintained long-term friendship and set a good example for countries of all sizes to get along well with each other.Not long ago, Prince Albert II visited China to attend the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, during which the two heads of state reached a series of important consensus, charting the course for the development of bilateral relations.Amadei congratulated on the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, saying that Moldova attaches great importance to bilateral relations and is willing to continuously upgrade bilateral relations under the guidance of the two heads of state.The two sides agreed to strengthen practical cooperation in such areas as economy and trade, high-tech, environmental protection and people-to-people exchanges to push forward bilateral relations.During his visit to Nice, France, Luschano met with The Deputy Mayor of Nice, Amiel, the Vice President of Nice Cote d ‘Azur, Latour, and the Vice Presidents of nice Cote d ‘Azur University, Sabro and Ballarin respectively at the Residence of Massena.When meeting with Amiel and Latour, Luschano said nice is an important city in France and nice cote d ‘Azur metropolis is an important economic circle in southern France.China attaches great importance to bilateral cooperation at the sub-national level. On the basis of continuing to promote the existing cooperation between friendly cities such as Hangzhou and Xiamen and Nice, China is ready to encourage more Chinese sub-national cities to establish cooperative relations with Nice and nice’s Cote d ‘Azur metropolises and continuously expand cooperation areas.Amiel and other officials introduced in detail the history and current situation of the cooperation between Nice and nice’s Cote d ‘Azur metropolises and Chinese local cities, saying that they value China’s status and influence and would like to establish cooperation channels with more Chinese cities and deepen bilateral local cooperation.When meeting with Sabro and Ballarin, Lu said that France is a strong country in education and scientific research and has outstanding advantages in the field of higher education.Nice Cote d ‘Azur is a well-known university in France. It has established cooperative relations with many Chinese universities and achieved fruitful cooperation.It is hoped that UCOTE d ‘Azur will continue to conduct exchanges with more Chinese universities and deepen bilateral cooperation in higher education and scientific research.Sabro and other officials briefed Lu shaye on the university of Nice cote d ‘Azur, speaking highly of the achievements of cooperation with Chinese universities and expressing their willingness to work with China to enhance the level of cooperation and promote academic exchanges between the two countries.The two sides also agreed to further cooperate on Confucius Institutes.During the visit, Lu Shaye was also invited to visit nice Cote d ‘Azur Law School.Source: