Chinese men’s football team, finally you lost again and again

2022-06-02 0 By

1.4 billion people play football, you can’t pick 10 people!The Chinese men’s football team lost again, to Vietnam!This used to be daming’s consolation department, used to be Ilnan County!The nation founded by the descendants of Fujian!Once again, the dream of China’s men’s football team to play in the World Cup has been shattered!Disappointed?No!Never have hope to Chinese men’s football team, or even fantasy!Without expectations, why be disappointed?Is a little bit sour, after all, the prime minister of The people’s ri Nan county in the people’s men’s football team after winning the game to hand out bonuses to the players!Look a little sour!The prime minister’s message was clear: so is the man of the great northern kingdom that once ruled it!Chinese men’s football team, you don’t have to be sad!A group of careless people, breaking your ma’s heart ah!There’s a word for wine bags, wasn’t it invented for you?Our ancestors are very wise, thousands of years ago foresaw you a group of unworthy descendants!Remember after Shu Madam Huarui has a poem: 140,000 people unarmor, and none of them is a man!Also say you Chinese men’s soccer!Say you are not a man a little wrong you, after all, drink trouble, drink to invite whoring is also you have done, but you can show your manly wind in the field ah!Don’t niang his display on the female belly ah!I heard that you lost the game and came back to China. Why don’t you go to SI and see jiang Dong’s father?A bunch of Zhang Yide without Luan Dan!Suddenly remembered in Ji ‘nan pedestrian street to see a billboard, men’s foot stinky tofu!Ha ha…Stinky tofu is much stronger than Chinese men’s soccer!After all, stinky tofu has rushed out of China to the world as a Chinese specialty!But the Chinese men’s soccer team is still hanging around the fucking door!What’s the last thing you want to say?Ah bah…Men!