Naiman banner held a big discussion work propellant meeting

2022-06-02 0 By

In order to promote the in-depth development of the discussion activities of “welcoming the 20th National Congress, optimizing the law-based business environment and ensuring high-quality development of services”, the political and legal organs of Naiman Banner held the promotion meeting of the discussion activities on March 15.The meeting was presided over by Wang Quan, executive Deputy Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Flag Committee. Heads of political and legal units and relevant personnel attended the meeting.The meeting listened to the discussion and review of the relevant work of each unit, analyze the problems existing in the current work, and carry out research and deployment on promoting the next key work.First, we need to further consolidate the actual outcomes of the two stages of the major discussions, always focus on the work requirements of each stage, and ensure that the major discussions are carried out in a spirit of self-revolution, with high standards and strict requirements.Second, we should pay more attention to the publicity of the big discussion activities, mobilize widely, and form a working pattern in which the upper and lower levels interact and everyone participates.At the same time, actively cooperate with all kinds of media at all levels, send high-quality manuscripts through multiple channels, and strive to expand the coverage and influence of publicity reports.Third, we need to improve the law-based business environment on a regular basis and establish sound institutions and mechanisms.In view of the tendency to slack off after the discussion and review, we should accurately grasp the basic, long-term and difficult requirements of ideological reform, and insist on taking the large-scale discussion activities as an important political task to deepen our understanding and renew our ideas.