New York City Water Supply Center: New Year greeting and warm

2022-06-02 0 By

Times report (correspondent Xu Aiyuan) new jin Hu to, and once spring breeze.During the Spring Festival, Director Yuan Jinwei of Xinmi Water Conservancy Bureau and Deputy Director Shang Jianyi, accompanied by director Zhang Haibin of urban Water Supply Center and other team members, visited the front-line staff who still stick to their posts during the festival, sent them holiday greetings and New Year’s greetings, and expressed heartfelt thanks for their hard work.”Happy New Year, everyone!”In the old city water plant, Wulidian water plant, Yuan Jinwei, Shang Jianyi, Zhang Haibin and other leaders to stick to the front line cadres and workers during the festival condolence and sent condolence goods.He had a friendly talk with the front-line staff, and asked the water supply center’s on-duty arrangement during festivals, epidemic prevention and control, and water supply security during the Spring Festival. He had a detailed understanding of the demolition and construction of the old water plant in the old city, and put forward guidance on the next step of work.Yuan Jinwei to stick to the staff in the front line expressed thanks for having such a can stick to, willing to bear hardships, can win the battle of the team proud, encourage the front line staff continue to carry forward the spirit of dedication for everyone, encourage all employees to down-to-earth, perseverance efforts.In the dispatching room of the city’s water supply center, Zhang and his delegation extended New Year greetings to the staff on duty, thanking them for their dedication and commitment to their posts during the Spring Festival.And inspect the operation of urban water supply pipe network system and pressure detection points, and ask them to do a good job in water situation and public opinion monitoring, and according to the current water supply reality and water demand of the public scientific scheduling, to ensure water supply.In each plant, hai-bin zhang and led to the staff on duty on holiday gifts and sincere blessings, and field check waterworks water supply facilities and equipment running status, and the safe production responsibility system and emergency preventive measures to carry out the situation, ask the personnel on duty tightens this string of production safety, strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission, strengthen equipment maintenance and maintenance, eliminate safety hidden danger in time.Hai-bin zhang stressed that the urban water supply is a matter of people’s production and living, especially during the Spring Festival is happy moments together, sharing tianlun, hope everyone to strengthen overall situation consciousness, responsibility consciousness, service consciousness, position, role and responsible, effort to complete each work, ensure the stable water supply, water pressure, water quality safety.The leadership of the kind care, so that the front-line staff are encouraged, we have said that in the future work to redouble efforts, will not live up to the expectations of the center and leadership, and strive to do their own work, conscientious value good class, guard good guard, go all out to do a good job during the festival of safe water supply service security work.