The largest centralized isolation treatment center in Shanghai for TCM prevention and treatment of epidemic

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Shanghai has always adopted a combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine for COVID-19 treatment.Since the outbreak, TCM therapies have been integrated into all aspects of PREVENTION, treatment and health care.Since this round of epidemic, medical teams from Longhua Hospital, Yueyang Hospital, Shuguang Hospital and Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have rushed to several temporary centralized treatment points with TCM drugs and non-drug therapy technology.Has, the biggest focus point were isolated with in Shanghai, Shanghai new international expo center temporary centralized quarantine treatment points, eight municipal hospital medical team in in succession, the “materials” with the team has a lot on the concentric anti epidemic disease of traditional Chinese medicine well carton, box is presented to the municipal TCM hospital of Shanghai brother hospital of traditional Chinese medicine remove disease prevention.On March 31, a medical team of 201 people, including 41 doctors, 148 nurses, 1 pharmacist and 11 administrative staff, from Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, went to the temporary centralized isolation and treatment center of the New International Expo Center to work.Medical teams will take over 1,500 beds at temporary centralized isolation centers.Considering the native is mainly responsible for treating patients with mild and asymptomatic infections, longhua hospital medical team not only bring the drinks, dragon medical royal dragon medical town epidemic disease two groups of traditional Chinese medicine medicinal broth, and longhua vital qi fang, nosocomial pneumonia clear solution particles, preparation and proprietary Chinese medicine, also plans to use techniques, tune, the traditional Chinese medicine such as therapy non-drug treatment.From Leishenshan Hospital of Wuhan to Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, the senior clinical experts of Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine have developed a number of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine prescriptions such as “Jingqi Qingshu Prescription” and “Qingshu Solid surface prescription”, which have been widely praised.This time, 206 medical workers from Yueyang Hospital will be transferred to the centralized isolation center of the new International Expo Center.Zhou Yang, a Chinese medicine expert on COVID-19 treatment in Shanghai and director of yueyang Hospital’s Prevention and Treatment Center, said that he will further give full play to the characteristics and advantages of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine and actively use traditional Chinese medicine technologies to carry out treatment work.Chen Erzhen, head of the medical treatment team of the Shanghai Centralized isolation center, interim Party secretary and commander of the Shanghai New International Expo Center centralized isolation and treatment center, said that medical treatment will strictly follow the COVID-19 Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol (Trial Version 9) released by the National Health Commission, and give full play to the role of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine.At the same time, symptomatic treatment should be taken for those with symptoms, such as cooling.In the face of the complex and severe test of the epidemic, in addition to the construction of centralized isolation and treatment centers, Shanghai has also taken a combination of traditional Chinese medicine preparations and herbal tea drinks to strengthen the urban epidemic prevention network.Recently, the Pharmacy department of Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine rushed overnight to make “plate forking cure table prescription”, and a total of 5,000 small bags were sent by special buses in batches to the staff of centralized isolation treatment points in Jing ‘an, Jiding, Putuo, Qingpu and other districts, to set up TCM prevention barriers for the frontline staff of epidemic prevention and control and the residents of isolation points.The formula is composed of radix isatidis, forsythia, schizonepeta, honeysuckle and other components, which is suitable for the prevention and treatment of respiratory infectious diseases.In the battle against the epidemic, many community workers and volunteers have also devoted themselves to protecting the lives of residents.In particular, the hospital gave Chinese medicine tea bags to the frontline workers in the streets, helping the community epidemic prevention and control work.In addition, in order to further strengthen the TCM treatment strength of designated hospitals in Shanghai, Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine sent a medical team consisting of 33 medical staff to settle in the temporary practice point of Shanghai Public Health Center.According to the diagnosis and treatment plan of the Shanghai Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the medical team treated the patients with TCM decoction to promote lung and prevent cough, nourish Yin and clear lung, and Chinese patent medicines such as Lianhua qingwen and Huoxiang Zhengqi. At the same time, they used eight-dan Brocade and taijiquan to guide the treatment, providing high-quality TCM services to the patients and improving treatment efficacy.Source: China Media Group Editor: Xu Yu