Winter Olympics special service team of Tourism School of Changchun University in Olympic Village

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On the first day of the pre-opening of the Zhangjiakou Olympic Village for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Song Xiaoyue, a member of the winter Olympics special service team from the School of Tourism of Changchun University, finished washing before dawn.As a member of the logistics support group, she is full of spirit and ready to meet the stressful and busy daily work with full state.Song xiaoyue is responsible for many aspects of the work, and the daily work content will be adjusted according to the specific situation, reducing or increasing the workload accordingly.In her words, “Every new day is filled with freshness and anticipation.”In order to guarantee the food and beverage group and accommodation group staff on the morning shift, Song Xiaoyue and the team members should arrive at the staff canteen before 6 o ‘clock every morning, wear good clothes, play food delivery.Ordering a meal — seems simple, but there’s a lot of technology involved.Salty taste, serving size, dish preference…Eating habits vary from employee to employee on the base.Accordingly, when just beginning to work, make song Xiaoyue and so on this group really “small white” complain not to die.However, after a period of professional training and observational learning, we are now able to master the skills and work more efficiently.”Everyday work is very busy, sometimes I feel very tired, but looking at our service, a satisfied face, suddenly feel everything is worth it!”Song Xiaoyue said with a smile.According to international practice, artificial snow is required regardless of weather conditions in the host country.Therefore, in order to prevent the road conditions on the way to and from work, Song xiaoyue and the logistics support team almost every day with brooms and shovels to fight against the snowflakes.After an offensive and defensive alternation, snowflake finally lay quietly on both sides of the road, while the players were panting and sweating.The 122 students from the winter Olympics special service team of the School of Tourism of Changchun University were the first to arrive in Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village.Although the activity space of the base is limited, Song Xiaoyue and the members of the logistics support group still try their best to plan many interesting activities such as festival party, birthday party, sports competition and e-sports for everyone to enrich their spare time life and adjust their tension.The Opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing on Feb. 4 coincides with the Spring Festival, a time for family reunions.Talking about her relatives in her hometown, Song Xiaoyue could not help but get red eyes.”Since I was a child, I watched the Spring Festival Gala, made dumplings and had dinner with my parents and sister every Year.This year, the first holiday away from home, still a little homesick.But I understand the responsibility and the mission that I have and my family are very supportive and they will be waiting for me to come home and celebrate.”Song Xiaoyue said.Before the interview was over, a hurried mobile phone rang. Song Xiaoyue put down the phone and said: “I have a new task, I have to go to work.I am ready to contribute my youth to the games and WISH the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success.”Source: Cailian News, Jilin Daily