CBA all-star first open voting, Wang Xiaohui is the highest voice, Yi Jianlian Guo Allen popular

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The 2022 CBA All-Star weekend will be held in Foshan from March 25 to 27, according to an announcement by the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) on February 9. Voting for this year’s north and South All-star starting teams will also be open on February 10. Fans can vote for their favorite 10 north and South all-star starting players through online voting.CBA league players with higher popularity, this year, but yi jianlian, pg, Jeremy and Zhao Rui etc. Several players, first of all, said yi jianlian, as the leading character in the Chinese men’s basketball team, guangdong team’s ace players, yi jianlian both skill and personality in the CBA are second to none, yi last season because of injury problems, missed an entire season,And that kept him out of the all-star game.This year, Yi returned from a serious injury. Although his jumping and explosive power were not good enough, he was able to return to the court, and now he is the highest scoring player in the team. It is conceivable that yi has paid a lot of sweat in training.Said yi teammates Zhao Rui again, the data of Zhao Rui absolutely not in CBA league’s top defenders, and pg, Sun Minghui, before wu has some gaps, of course, this also is related to how much guangdong defender, Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan and Jeff distribution the playing time, and guangdong is playing small double foreign aid, thus causing Zhao Rui cannot team outside the core to control the ball.In addition, he also missed most of the second stage due to injury, but Zhao Rui has a great appeal, playing with passion, stubborn character is also loved by some fans, last year won the south area of the king of tickets.Pg is the CBA’s foot player subject degree, character is very humorous, always some puzzling comments, let fans thought he was a bit childish, but he has seen this season and knew he was on the way become more mature, no longer is good at breakthrough is not good at shooting, now cast by combining with very reasonable, an improved 3-pointers stability than in the past,Although he still struggles with referees from time to time, this competitive streak is rare in the CBA. Last year, he won the north with 231,553 votes.As a foreign player, Jeremy Lin averaged 14.3 points, 3.8 rebounds and 5.7 assists per game this season. It’s not like fujian Kevin Gordon averaged 41.1 points, 6 rebounds and 10.9 assists per game. Generally, the data of foreign players are around 23 or 34 points.It was obvious that he couldn’t run or shoot well in the first few games of the season. Things have improved as the game has progressed, but regardless, Lin is very popular in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) and is likely to be the starting guard alongside Aaron Guo in the North Division.Finally, shougang player Wang Xiaohui is also popular. Last season, he was criticized by many fans for his controversial moves. At that time, many fans hoped to send Wang Xiaohui to the king of tickets, but most of the fans remained rational, do not know what will happen this year?