Industrial Bank Zibo Branch to carry out the “anti-fraud refuse gambling safe payment” publicity

2022-06-03 0 By

To further promote broad financial consumer to guard against the consciousness of telecom network fraud and ability, recently, branch of Zi of industrial bank rich with “turn back cheat to refuse to bet safety to pay” it is propaganda theme, carry out diversification inside whole area limits propaganda activity.Through posters, leaflets, LED screens, Internet publicity, warm tips from lobby managers, etc., multimedia and multi-channel publicity and education are carried out for the public, and a long-term publicity mechanism is established to enhance customers’ awareness of fraud detection and prevention.Business management process, industrial bank Zibo branch staff through the observation of customers look, whether to deal with unusual business phenomenon, language communication with customers risk tips and other ways to guide customers calm, to deal with the business again to verify, from the source to prevent the occurrence of telecom fraud events.The bank staff into the community, into the countryside, in schools, into the enterprise to carry out publicity and education, and actively guide the masses, “the national center for anti cheat” installation and use the APP, to create a fraud prevention publicity atmosphere, to distribute “anti cheat from gambling, secure payment” propaganda folding, typical cases on telecom fraud, common types of fraud and how to prevent telecom fraud and other related knowledge,Remind everyone not to trust strange telephone and SMS, do not disclose their identity information and family members, bank account number, etc..The launch of the “national anti-fraud to protect safety” publicity activities, diverse content, strong interaction, high public participation, improve the awareness and ability to identify fraud.Industrial Bank Zibo Branch will take this publicity activity as an opportunity to normalize the work of preventing and combating telecom network fraud and promoting financial knowledge, protect the people’s “money bag” and practice social responsibility with practical actions.