Powered by Snapdragon high-performance chips, Jetway X90 Is not just talking about it!

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Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the wave of intelligence is sweeping the world, and the car we want is no longer just a simple means of transportation. Many friends even define the future car as “a mobile phone with four wheels”.Imagine, when you are woken up by the soft light intelligent wake up lamp, ushered in a beautiful morning, after enjoying the convenience brought by smart phone, smart home and other technologies, into the garage, whether you hope to greet you is also a “smart” car?Of course, there are also many smart cars on the market today, and many dazzling new functions emerge in an endless stream. It makes people wonder: what should a real smart car do at least?If you’re wondering, let’s take a look.The main difference between smart cars and other cars is that they have more powerful data transmission and data processing capabilities, which can provide support for rich intelligent functions. To put it in a popular way, the operation of smart car chips is faster.For example, for brands with high intelligence, such as Tesla and Xiaopeng, the chip computing power of main models can reach 45,000 DMIPS.For example, Jiatu X90 Zilong, a Domestic brand that has made great efforts to develop intelligent ecological cockpit and invested in the intelligent process, not only carries Qualcomm Snapdragon’s third generation smart car chip with 5000Dmips computing power, but also supports WiFi6 with 9.6Gbps download rate and Bluetooth 5.0 with faster data transmission speed.This is the ceiling of the vehicle system configuration.So, what are the uses of high computing power for us?Take a simple example, you know, many old drivers have the habit of getting on the bus first to open navigation.But most friends clearly car navigation, but will choose to use mobile phone navigation.This is because many car systems often appear stuck, crash, gradually, really can listen to the song, look at the reversing image, over time, even if the car has a rich function, it has become a decoration.However, Jetto X90 Zilong does not have such problems. With the help of the “super brain”, it has a fast response system and smooth screen control. The car can download 1GB movies in just 6 seconds, and there is no need to worry about the lag when watching videos and live streaming.That said, you can treat the Jetway X90 as a tablet on the center console.Huawei and Tencent both have powerful chips as the foundation, and Jetto X90 is equipped with Huawei HiCar system and Tencent ecosystem, so the functions of the intelligent cockpit are more fully guaranteed.Tencent ecosystem, as the name implies, is a variety of functions of Tencent home. There are all kinds of functions used on mobile phones, such as wechat, QQ Music, Ximalaya, Tencent/Baidu/Autonavi and mini program scene application. Imagine that our mobile system has its own original wechat function.Isn’t it a cool and practical thing to support us to “answer” and reply to wechat while driving?Or when you’re driving a family out.On the way, the kid in the back row gets hungry, so the whole family decides to stop for a restaurant nearby.But you guys aren’t familiar with restaurants around here, and the co-pilot’s wife is on Yelp and can’t make up her mind.You really want to participate in the discussion, but you can’t stop looking at your phone while you’re driving.At this moment, you think of the express way X90 son dragon car machine that can help you, you just need to move to utter, via voice assistant tell it, you want to look for food in nearby, car phone will search for you score high near a restaurant, and reporting to you, you just need to make a choice, it will automatically help you navigate to the designated hotel, considerate online at any time.Of course, in addition to finding nearby food, the Jetway X90 can also do things like ordering takeout, buying airline tickets, checking movie schedules, and filling stations.With the support of Huawei HiCar, if you are a user of Huawei mobile phone, you can connect the mobile phone with the vehicle and operate the application directly on the 12.3-inch dual-screen. Such operations can be said to make the technology touch your hands!Face recognition brings exclusive experience in addition to the powerful vehicle function, Jetway X90 dragon is also equipped with Sensetime DMS driver detection system, with strong face recognition function.If you set up FACE ID in advance, you can press the pedal and start the car after facial recognition is successful. It’s too ritualistic.For families with multiple vehicles, the system can record multiple sets of Face ids at the same time, and seat status, rearview mirror position, and car and vehicle personalization Settings can be adjusted according to each person’s Settings.Usually replace the driver, the seat does not need to manually adjust, other personal habits are also changed together, Jietu X90 dragon can be said to be a close personal assistant at any time.The secret is the infrared camera on the A-pillar, which can see and capture the driver’s face and create A unique ID with such precision that it is easy to identify twins.And if you doze off in the car, talk on the phone while driving, or take your eyes off the road, the DMS will remind you to drive safely to avoid accidents caused by drowsy or distracted drivers.In addition, Jetto X90 Zilong also uses Sensetime’s OMS passenger monitoring system, which allows real-time observation of children sitting in the back through a large screen in the front seat.If a child or pet is left in the car after getting off the bus, the OMS system will immediately alert the owner through the mobile APP to avoid accidents.Super chip brings smooth car experience, Rich functions of Huawei Tencent double fu, meticulous care of face recognition, Jietuo X90 zilong can be described as the embodiment of high-tech easy to use intelligent equipment, become our good partner in the advanced automotive life.I don’t know what you think, is it still not buying smart cars?Anyway, as a patient of “lazy cancer”, I have been enchanted!And according to jietu automobile official latest news, Jietu X90 dragon will be officially listed on February 28 nationwide!The event will run from April 9, 2022 to April 9, 2022