What are the skills of large restaurant decoration design

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Large restaurants design space is relatively large, the need to design more content, design time cost is relatively high.If you want to complete the design task of large dining space within the appointed time, you need to use some techniques.So what are the skills of the decoration design of large restaurants?
Before the formal decoration of each restaurant, the boss will communicate his ideas with the designer.This kind of communication is very necessary, because after effective communication, the positioning of large catering space can be quickly completed.When it comes to positioning a restaurant, most designers respect the owner’s choice.This large restaurant decoration design skills, many professional catering space design companies will use.Two, large dining space layout skills large dining space planning difficulty is relatively high, so when planning, need to use some quick layout tips.For example: clever use lamplight effect, will complete area division.The advantage of this large restaurant decoration design skills is that it can not only complete the task of reasonable layout, but also naturally distinguish each functional area.If the lighting collocation is clever, you can still buy the cost of soft partition and hard partition.Three, large dining space color matching skills before color matching, need to clear the function of different colors.For example: choose red and yellow, is conducive to stimulate the guests produce appetite;Choose purple and black, which can effectively suppress appetite.Use brighter colors in the dining area and darker colors in the checkout area and kitchen.In order to increase customer appetite, restaurant color collocation is very important.Can decide colour according to feeling of dining-room whole space, if the space is single buy structure, can use warm color to undertake adornment, give a person sweet feeling, the colour that is like yellow fasten has very good effect.Dining-room is decorated to use blue department colour less commonly, this kind of cold tonal meeting lets a person have no appetite.Restaurant decoration details decoration is very key.Such as dining-room metope is the area of customers into family saw at a glance, if use adornment, wall paper, in the process of paste, be careful what kind of edge horn cannot appear cock phenomenon, also cannot have a fold, the wallpaper color design to be unified, only details will do, just can make whole dining room is more delicate, more attractive to consumers.The above is about the introduction of large restaurant decoration design skills, I hope to help you.In addition to the three skills mentioned above, there are other skills in the design of large catering space, such as integration of design concept skills, decoration details and other skills.