Big announcement!7pm tonight!

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Suona sound played the year of the tiger Spring Festival overture text brigade orientation open 2022 han Chinese wind at 7 tonight by cultural and tourism administration of radio, film and television xuzhou xuzhou city radio and television media group with routine travel group hosted the “quick zai xuzhou” launching ceremony will be held in 2022 han Chinese wind back to the dragon nest countries tide han wind pavilion official hold han music playing, hanfu shows excellent programs will be presenting at the scene one by one for youWhat other “highlights” should not be missed to celebrate the Chinese New Year?Small make up for everybody “plot” revealed part first drama even activity “the wonderful event tonight continuously achieved hanfu catwalk shake the ancient han home dress” wide sleeve long intoxicating dress clothes bloomed in one thousand, a fragrance culture back to dragon nest data diagram of pulse write traditional Chinese New Year customs send a pulse of one thousand Chinese love Chinese drama plum blossom prize winner wang will bring classic liu-chin playSection of “Go to my Mother’s Home” is beautiful and beautiful, lingering sound of a move a style, a tone to highlight the style of Xuzhou Han Lele Group Information: There are also melodious Xuzhou Han Lele dance silk bamboo,Plethora of xuzhou han lele will play for everyone in modern classic han yue chun (played to the sound of a new era of the silk road ruby data diagram write besides tonight back to dragon nest tribute event and ruby, the blessing of the New Year, New Year calligraphy and other wind experience content let everybody immersive experience in han Chinese wind boisterous atmosphere data back to the dragon nest figure up tonight,Hanfu enthusiasts wearing hanfu, walked with oiled paper umbrella stroll kiss xiu, skirt waving back to dragon nest tidal write strong wind pavilion data of han dynasty classical huai hanfu cruise and interactive activities, such as customs in clock in han experience will bring you a han culture feast tonight let us meet together back to dragon nest han guan han wind wind tide in China (series activity tonight,Text brigade at will be released at the scene of the activity of xuzhou the journey of a series of new content data figure write the “quick zai xuzhou 2022 han Chinese wind” series wen brigade content will be officially announced the delicious fun tonight online line below big brigade are looking forward to your participation jia wang jingshan ski resort data diagram write “winterfun season” tour activities novel and chic,Does not have amorous feelings of the text brigade at will also release “xuzhou winterfun season five big tourist theme” a total of 10 lines including “the tide agent may trip” “hot spring skiing trip” “han wind culture tour”, “New Year customs in tour” and “huai hai red tour” for citizens to unlock winter swimming xuzhou new plays a taste of xuzhou han culture and charm of winter tourism after the completion of the polar ocean world map write in the new oneIn this year, a number of major cultural and tourism projects such as Xuzhou Garden Expo park and Polar Ocean World will be completed and put into use.At 7 o ‘clock tonight, don’t go away at huilongwo Guo-Chao Han Wind Pavilion event venue cultural travel official will reveal the xuzhou TV Tower light and shadow show for you.When is the next light show?Tonight, the official announcement will also be made!Having said so much, you are more looking forward to the launch ceremony of “Kuaizai Xuzhou” 2022 Han Wind China Year.Editor: Liu Siting Editor: Meng Fanyu Editor: Zhu Chen Xin Cheng Yao Review: Liu Jianling Supervisor: Wang Jingbo Bian Haifeng Chief Supervisor: Feng Yangqi Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: