Chongming island busy ball practice, a ball king every year, they pick up firewood flame high, youth training strong base is an example

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Chongming island ball practice busy, every year out of a small king, all firewood flame high, youth training strong base is an example.Open practice!When we were attacked by Vietnam on the first day of Chinese New Year, we all woke up.General Fan’s prophecy or prophecy no longer mattered.Playing alone and with an established Vietnamese team, that is the direct reason why we lost.There are often cases in the world where a team of stars has been cobbled together until it becomes a team.Does Paris Saint-Germain count?Is Pochettino incompetent?The head coach and the players plus the management, aren’t they professional?Is the dragon you want to plate, to a team, all people need to do their own jobs according to the strategic intention of the head coach.If all the players carry out the manager’s strategic intention, the responsibility for losing is certainly on the manager.Lippi’s resignation shows that he understands these players.It’s not that they don’t work hard, but that the harder they work, the more they become stragglers.Holding the ball for a short time is the essential feature of modern football.Even a midfield playmaker should not hold the ball for more than five minutes.If you look at the way we play, you’re afraid of losing when you pass, you’re afraid of taking responsibility, you lose when you take the ball, that’s the dilemma.From the beginning, yes, make football the joy instinct of the dolls.There is not too much utilitarian income, and want to be the attention of the court hero player, is the biggest utility.Expanding the football population is the most basic solution to the problem.Fair survival of the fittest is the secondary contradiction to solve the problem.It would be much easier to learn from the success of the five major leagues.Play football, need every family from the heart like football, boys and girls in their own homes to play on the pitch.