Don’t throw eggs at home, keep a big role, simple transformation, finished friends grab to

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I believe everyone at home have to buy eggs left by the egg tray, usually finished eggs, eggs will be thrown away.In fact, the humble egg tray also has a great role, especially if there are children at home, the egg tray transformation, you can complete the children’s kindergarten manual work, so that you can save a lot of material money!Step 1: Prepare materials and tools.Prepare egg cartons, scissors, pencils, acrylic paint, imitation pearls, glue, mineral water bottles, brushes, lamp strings.Material tools Step 2: Use scissors to cut egg trays into florets and leaves.Step 3: Paint the flowers and choose the colors you like.I wanted to do something simple, so I chose bronze.I added glitter to the paint to make the flowers shine in the light.The leaves are painted green and the veins are outlined in bronze.Add glitter to the paint mix the flowers color the flowers color all the flowers paint the leaves green and bronze outline the veins Step 4: Stick a fake pearl in the middle of the flowers as a flower core.Step 5: Cut a circle out of the water.Step 6: Glue the flowers to the ring with hot glue and stagger the size.Step 7: Attach the leaves to the ring.Step 8: Wrap the lamp string and tie the lanyard.Is the effect still good?Who would have thought that ugly egg trays could be so beautiful!Do something to your egg tray![yi tooth]