Guiyang grid police pretended to be property staff to open the door after controlling a group of people

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“110?You quickly come to our community, in our orchard K area some apartment building, there are a large group of people engaged in pyramid selling……”On the afternoon of March 13, Guiyang public security Nanming branch south three grid received a public alarm that someone in Guiyang Orchard K district illegal pyramid selling.After receiving the police, the south three grid police rushed to the scene, quickly control a group of people to investigate and deal with.That afternoon, tianxin news hotline 96811 received reports after the reporter immediately went to interview.On the scene, a group of men and women suspected of concentrated pyramid selling, has been successfully controlled by the Nanming grid police, the group of men and women nearly 20 people, the grid police forensics and other work at the scene, because more people involved, the Nanming grid immediately sent enough police to further work.Grid police are asking those involved to tell the truth about where they came from and to keep records.”Pyramid schemes harm people, harm already, harm families and harm society. It is everyone’s responsibility to crack down on pyramid schemes and report pyramid schemes.”South three grid police on duty Mo Chunjie scene told reporters that they received three instructions reported in the orchard K area illegal pyramid selling, the grid is patrolling near the area, due to the special situation, after receiving police they quickly arrived at the scene.Police MoChunJie said, because when they patrol the site close to the alarm calls the jurisdiction, received after the alert, in order to ensure the suspicious personnel escape, south three grid after pick up the tee command to alarm people Mr X the location, immediately to alarm people quickly understand the specific situation, and then start crying for related personnel under effective control.”According to the address provided by the police, we quickly arrived at the scene of the spread of people involved in the concentrated pyramid scheme, in order to avoid alerting and control the spread of people involved in the results, we called the personnel in the house to open the door.”Police Mo Chunjie said, when the other side opened the door after the grid immediately entered the house, see the room there are more than 10 people are learning collective meeting, suspected pyramid selling organization.The mobile phones of all the people involved were put on a computer desk by the police.Inside the house, there are a number of desks, there are a number of computers, there are sofas, drinking fountains, coffee tables and so on in the living room, other rooms are placed in large and small, different colors of suitcases.A large crowd of informants gathered here, in the moment when the grid police rushed to the house in confusion.Grid police at the scene will party Zou mou (female) and other 18 people control, and take good evidence.Because the scene involved more, south three grid will report the situation immediately Luo Qingjian mid-team leader, then captain and near south grid Yang Xi police quickly led the auxiliary police reinforcements arrived at the scene, all the stakeholders (involved) personnel to conduct a comprehensive control, after checking them one by one, the 18 descendants involved are all back to the car river police station for further processing.By the time of press release on the evening of March 13, all those involved in the transmission were taken back to the police station, and the police and other relevant departments are still in the process of further investigation and processing.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Zhang Bin editor Yu Fuwen editor dry Jiangdong Liao Bo