Japanese girl smokes, commits suicide, works as mistress and marries gangstersA blind hand has a good hand

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In 2017, Good Morning Girls, known as the originator of Japanese girl idol groups, marked the 20th anniversary of their debut. This once very popular group, which opened the door of girl idol groups, has become the dream of many Japanese girls.In 1999, good morning girl’s first generation member Yasuka Fukuda announced to retire because of his studies, and then on top of the main force is later.Not only does Goto have an overwhelmingly beautiful voice, but her first single, “LOVE MACHINE,” sold a million copies after she joined the band.1999 was the peak and turning point of Good Morning Girl’s career.As ishiguro, another member of the original group, announced that she was married and pregnant and quit the group, Good Morning Girls in the recruitment of the fourth phase, also underwent a huge change.Maybe they think teenagers are unstable, either in school or in love.The new Good Morning girls are looking directly at pupils when recruiting new members.Add protect ya yi, Ishichuan pear hua, Gize pupil and so on just full 12, 3 years old a few children is to join the good morning girl at that time.Kajaya Was born on February 7, 1988 in Yamato Takata, Nara Prefecture.Her mother was 17 when she became pregnant, her father was the same age as her mother.The next year, after they turned 18, they officially received their marriage license.In the same year, Jayi’s father was arrested for possession of stimulants and other drugs, and her mother divorced her father. Jayi was less than a year old at the time.After her divorce, her mother earned a nursing license and became a nurse.Although her mother was the breadwinner and caregiver, in fact, it was her grandmother who brought her up.When she was in fifth grade, her mother remarried to a small owner of a transportation company.A year later, in 2000, 12-year-old Jayayi was chosen from 25,000 other girls to become one of the good Morning girls.In the same year, as a member of Good Morning Girls, Garo performed in the “Japanese Spring Festival Gala” — NHK’s Red and White Song Show for the first time, and set the record of the youngest performer in the red and White Song Show for the 51st time.Although the career is smooth, but the family is not so satisfactory, the mother remarried after the birth of the younger brother suffers from intellectual disorders, the stepfather business bankruptcy, owe a huge sum of money 50 million, all debts rely on young care Ya in the entertainment circle struggle to make money to repay.After four years of playing in two groups, Good Morning Girl and Mini Good Morning Girl, Kakei has become a popular teen idol in Japan.Gayaye graduated from Good Morning Girls in 2004 at the age of 16.And her luck basically stopped the year she graduated.On February 10, 2006, FRIDAY, a weekly magazine, published an article titled, A Woman smokes in a restaurant.She was immediately suspended and given caution because she had violated Japan’s law against underage smoking.Gagayay has been suspended from all her performances and can only do clerical chores at her office.In March 2007, she was photographed smoking a cigarette in a weekly magazine. The agency also officially terminated her contract, and She announced her retirement from acting.After a year of retirement, Gayaye returned to the stage at the age of 20.In January 2009, the wife of actor Shuimoto Hidejiro filed a lawsuit against Him for having a mistress in their marriage, and in 2010, a court ordered Him to pay $2 million in emotional damages.Really!No death, no death!In late 2011, 23-year-old Kaushiko got married to Yohiko Ando, 22 years her senior, although kaushiko introduced her husband as an employee of a company that runs a restaurant.But in fact, this man has a close connection with the underworld, but also because of intimidation others arrested in prison, prison after protecting Yayi also took a large number of sleeping pills for him to commit suicide.In June of the following year, Jayai gave birth to her first daughter.She thought she had finally married love, but it turns out she overestimated her taste for men.In 2014, the husband was arrested on suspicion of illegal loan sharking.Jai apologized in a blog post.In August 2015, After less than four years of marriage, Jiashu announced that she was divorcing due to her husband’s persistent domestic abuse. She even took her 3-year-old daughter to her hometown in Nara to escape her husband.The ex-husband was rearrested for assault.And during the marriage, her husband borrowings 20 million yuan because of the business company, and protect Ya yi as a joint and several guarantor, even if the divorce, she also had to continue to bear this debt.In August 2016, just a year after their divorce, Gaiayi announced in a handwritten letter that she had remarried her outsider boyfriend.Her remarried husband, who is 10 years older than Jayayi and runs a beauty-related company, announced in September that he was pregnant again.In February 2017, Jahu Yayi’s second boy was born.In 2019, 30-year-old Kayoya performed with her best friend Noshimi Tsuji for the first time in 13 years.In August of that year, her contract with the agency was terminated.In December 2020, Jiachu Yai started her YouTube career as a newcomer to the web.After a year of hard work, the number of fans is 105,000.Her best friend and costar Shimi Tsuji has 953,000 followers, nine times more than Kayayai.Looking back at jia Huayayi ups and downs of the first half of life, is really the writers dare not write so.Stunt death, being a mistress, all kinds of debt, suicide, attracting cheating and playing with women’s feelings of men constitution and so on.The tragedy of Protecting Yayi is not only her tragedy, but also the tragedy of heredity.It’s the tragedy and trauma of one family, replicated to the next generation, and then played out.Pandora’s box was opened when her mother conceived her at 17 and married a delinquent.Because she was undisciplined since childhood, even if she was lucky enough to join the ranks of the popular idol group, she could not bear the bright and famous.Because of the lack of warmth of the home, it is customary to place all feelings and hopes on the man, will continue to encounter cheating and playing with women’s feelings of the man, again and again into their feelings and money in despair.The damage from the family of origin will be etched in the child’s bones for the rest of her life.How to get rid of this kind of harm and tragedy, is the child’s life needs to complete the difficult task!