Spring Festival to a lively hot pot: beautiful!

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The family sits together and the various ingredients are cooked and rinsed in a hot broth, creating a lively and warm meal.Compared with stir-frying, hot pot is more convenient and diversified, catering to all tastes, making it a good choice for families to entertain relatives and friends during the Spring Festival.In Wangfujing, a well-known commercial pedestrian street in Beijing, many winter Olympics elements have been “newly decorated” on both sides of the street. The Beijing Winter Olympics countdown board designed with ice sculptures and the flagship store of official licensed products of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have become a place for people to play and shop during festivals.Haidilao Wangfujing Yintai In88 store in charge said, the Spring Festival came to dine in an endless stream of people, compared with last year’s Spring Festival customer flow increased by more than 20 percent, “many customers are here to queue for shopping, or the Winter Olympics countdown card, and then meet to eat a hot pot to warm up.”According to Yang Xibei, head of haidilao’s public affairs department, more than 800 restaurants opened on the 30th day of the Lunar New Year and the first day of the lunar New Year to meet the public’s demand for dining out during the Spring Festival.Since the second day of the first lunar month, other stores have resumed business.According to consumption data, haidilao stores on the Chinese mainland attracted more than 8 million visitors during the Spring Festival period (From New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the first lunar month).As many people choose to spend the Spring Festival in the same place, the consumer market in first-tier and new first-tier cities has recovered steadily. Yang Xibei revealed that the top 10 cities receiving tourists from Haidilao during the Spring Festival are Beijing, Shanghai, Xi ‘an, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Chengdu.At the same time, the consumption enthusiasm of second – and third-tier cities has also been released, attracting close to first-tier and new first-tier urban areas in terms of passenger flow during the Spring Festival.”Or because of the impact of staying at home for the Spring Festival, the number of customers began to grow rapidly from the first day of the New Year.”Ding Jiawen, the store manager, said that during the Spring Festival, the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day of the best business, peak waiting table over 100 tables, and the number of people eating at non-meal time is still many.Different from previous years, there were more customers for five or six people to have a family dinner this year, with many customers bringing the elderly and children.According to the relevant person in charge of Xiabu Group, during the Spring Festival, the top five cities in terms of revenue are Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Guangzhou;First-tier and new first-tier cities such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Changsha and Zhuhai also saw strong revenue growth.At the same time, the first overseas store – Singapore store also opened in the Spring Festival, the local Chinese During the Spring Festival online hit point.It is worth paying attention to that the economy of staying at home and single economy has also become a new growth point of the Spring Festival economy.According to the relevant person in charge of Xiabu Group, during the Spring Festival, many stores’ takeout sales increased by 2 to 4 times. “In addition to the single set meal is still hot, this year’s family photo takeout set number of 4 to 6 people is much higher than in previous years.”In addition, Xiachou Xiachang takeaway food also exceeded expectations during the Spring Festival, with strong sales growth in cities such as Beijing, Shijiazhuang and Harbin.In order to ensure consumers’ demand for dining at home, Haidilao’s delivery service has more than 400 sites participating in the Spring Festival supply campaign, covering more than 170 cities across The country.Consumption figures show that Haidilao’s delivery business on the Chinese mainland provided delivery services to nearly 60,000 families during the Spring Festival.In addition to the store end, Haidilao also in Beijing, Guangzhou and other places nearly 50 delivery points, online tea delivery service.Through haidilao delivery platform one-click order, help many young consumers to enjoy “hot pot + milk tea” at home.To welcome the Spring Festival sales season, the new menu of Xiabu Xiabu will be launched in December 2021. Haidilao stores in Beijing launched three kinds of colorful dumplings for sale on January 28 (December 26).During the Spring Festival, Xiabu Xiabu sold nearly 300,000 set meals, up 30% from last year, it said.As of Feb. 6, Haidilao had sold more than 20,000 “colorful dumplings.”(Article source: International Business Daily)