Take care of your heart

2022-06-04 0 By

Today is the annual fifth day, I wake up in the early heart is bad, didn’t sleep well tonight, because last night talk to son, he work in Beijing, this year 24 years old, graduated from the university, directly go to Beijing on the class, the first in the morning I phoned him, remind him to call the family happy New Year, he said on the phone, this year the year of the tiger, is he speaks,A lifetime can not catch up with a few benmingnian, the first day can not call him, probably means that a year is not smooth, I was not angry, because it is the first day of the New Year, I think I can not angry angry, so did not ignore his son.Until the fourth grade, last night I thought, he is a child in front of me, I need to communicate with him.Let’s talk about grade one.2. I give him a call, chat is smooth, and said something in the home, the feeling he is grown up, for a while he took things too hard, through the communication, he was able to slowly to understand, I think a boy growing up process, is now a real man, although I am also a person in this world for the first time, when the mother for the first time,Some of my people to wake up to the truth, so that he can benefit, do a sensible can take up a real man.3. Thank you for your support and appreciation. I will make persistent efforts to write the article well, share the story well and tidy up my heart.Happy New Year!Liu Xiaoban [Geili][Geili][Geili]