A woman in Henan province suffered from waist pain when her husband accidentally ignited the fire by wiping it with alcohol while her son reacted brightly

2022-06-05 0 By

In henan nanyang, some time ago, a man give his wife accidentally ignited with alcohol to wipe video laugh cry a net friend, video display, the man in his wife’s waist a little sore, he was thinking about get some alcohol to wipe after the massage, thought that the operation of the man made a mistake, the alcohol after ignition directly without paper, such as burning the waist say hello to his wife,As a result, the alcohol burned two blisters on his wife’s waist. When the woman noticed the pain, she immediately got up and took off her clothes, while her two sons laughed.The boy said, “My father was wiping my mother, the alcohol paper was not burned, resulting in such a situation, watching them scramble to look very funny, finally my mother got two blisters, not very serious burns, but I felt quite funny.Netizens are abuzz about it:”Looking at the two children beside the appearance of schadenfreude, really doubted whether two children is to his own, but is not afraid of your mother recovered, a greeting to you?” “really is the home and everything, the family is a harmonious whole, there is no experience or less, I also try to yourself before moxibustion, the result was also try to” “ha ha ha ha,May be deliberately eldest brother, thinking by the way, could you tell me common hatred, and then pull the two sons, theatre feeling also is somehow funny “in my opinion, in life there are always some funny things, but there are some attempts to really don’t recommend, similar to the moxibustion study still need to go through, or is likely to massage care, but also to injury,That would be more than worth it.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.