Do you support the lianyungang rail transit planning scheme, which spans the main city area 3 and connects the railway station

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Lianyungang rail transit recently planned two routes, namely Lianyungang rail transit Line 1 and Lianyungang rail transit Line 2!Connecting lianyungang downtown, high-speed rail station, industrial area and many city parks.Next, we will introduce the specific routes and stations of Lianyungang Rail Transit Line 1 and Line 2.General layout lianyungang lianyungang city rail transit rail transit line 1 is from lianyungang to stand to lianyungang conference and exhibition center, way stations, lianyungang renmin bridge, the first people’s hospital of lianyungang, suning plaza, chaoyang road, haining road, pale road, east road construction, jiangsu ocean university, grand theatre, lianyungang harbour city avenue, XiaHui road, east road of zhenhua, in huaguo mountain road,Transfer to Line 2, Huaguoshan, Chaoyang, Huanghe Road, Lianyungang East Railway Station, Zhongshan West Road, and finally reach the terminal, Lianyungang Convention and Exhibition Center.Lianyungang Rail Transit Line 1 is 35 km long and has 22 stations.Lianyungang Rail transit Line 1 Part 1 Part 2 Lianyungang rail transit Line 2 runs from Huaguoshan Avenue to Jinhai West Road.Pass huaguoshan Avenue, transfer to Line 1, Dongfang Avenue, Huanghai Avenue, Dagang Road, Haibin Avenue, Qingkou, Heanhu, Citizen Square, Huairen Road, Huazhong Road, and finally arrive at Jinhai West Road.Lianyungang Rail Transit Line 2 is 30 kilometers long.There are 14 stations in total.Lianyungang Rail Transit Line 2 Part 1 Lianyungang Rail Transit Line 2 Part 2 Do you support the lianyungang rail transit plan?[to see]