Excellent computer engineer, solve the problem that puzzles me for days in one minute

2022-06-05 0 By

What a specialty!After Excel was converted to WPS, which had bothered me for several days, I could not use it when the authorization expired and could not edit it. The computer engineer solved the problem in less than a minute.I have to make a report today and cannot edit it. All the Excel was automatically transferred to WPS for me, but the WPS authorization expired and I was not allowed to edit it. I couldn’t make a report from yesterday to today.I found a special software engineer, the somebody else gave me remote control of my computer, not a minute to deal with, I really admire ah!The engineer is very severe, about 2004 sick poison, in our unit financial computer CaiWuZhang cannot land, they could set won’t be able to do zhang, statements, find several computer expert to deal with, is that the engineers to deal with, ever since the computer engineer is our unit of the royal engineers with a computer.I recommended him to all departments. Whenever there was a problem with the computer, we would go to him, including software, hardware and computer consumables. For 18 years, our personnel were changing, but we always went to him for problems related to the computer.