Ge Huijie again shouted wang Feng, “I love you so much” into the focus, the original first love is really head

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“Let you abuse me a thousand times, I still love you like the first love.”First love, the most unforgettable love in a person’s life, was once again confirmed by Ge Huijie, because she tortured her soul like her predecessor Wang Feng in the morning of February 18, “I just want to say, didn’t I write ‘I love you so’ while I was pregnant with Xixi?.Including your album, so I was wondering…”A few numbers, the sword pointed at Wang Feng.Content, instantly triggered a hot discussion among netizens, as expected, the first love is the top.From between the lines, it is not difficult to see that Ge Huijie is still unable to extricate herself from her “first love” and “child’s father” Wang Feng.Looking at Ge Huijie’s articles, many people also feel heartache for Ge Huijie, because they do not love her deeply, nor will they still care so much about her after years of separation.Source network “of 2022 are how haven’t turn article”, “the mystery of why ah, wake up,” “the past let him in the past, the new, looking for his own happiness, a good love yourself” many netizens and exhort ge hui Agnes, don’t dwell in the past, to wake up, the past let him in the past, to find their own happiness, to love yourself.After all, Wang Feng now has his own life, he is not single, even if Ge Huijie’s old love is unforgettable, they can not go back to the past.That being said, people can understand Ge Huijie’s feelings, because it was her first love and she had a child.Ge Huijie as wang Feng’s third term, we probably met in 2004, when Ge Huijie was only 17 years old.Girl’s feelings always spring, be in traitorous period her, met prodigal son Wang Feng, hit it off love, but wrong wrong is in, the harm after love is too big, because that is the first love of a girl, how can not go above.In 2005, 18-year-old Ge Huijie gave birth to a girl named “Little Apple” for her boyfriend Wang Feng, despite her modeling career. However, the two broke up and finally lost their virginity.The reason for their separation was that Wang feng broke up with Ge Huijie, who was only 19 years old, on the grounds that she was playful and capricious and did not know how to be a good wife and mother. Ge Huijie, on the other hand, accused Wang Feng of cheating on her by secretly meeting several women during her lactation “Wang Mingfeng, my only wish is that you die soon!Stop messing with the children!I admit I was an irresponsible mother, but I don’t think you’re a man!I love each and every one of you, because I experienced it!So stop using rock ‘n’ roll as an excuse…I’ve ruined the first half of my life at your hands, I admit it, but I don’t want it spread!In the last sentence, Wang Feng, you are SB “when he was less than 20 years old, he was promoted to be a mother. It is understandable that he does not know some truths, because after all, she is still a child. So today, facing the accusations that Wang Feng played with Ge Huijie, he also acquiesced and accepted.Love is a rose with thorns, especially for immature boys and girls. It is common for love to lead to hatred. Therefore, Ge Huijie once blasted and cursed her predecessor Wang Feng in a vulgar way on Her Microblog, and then said she was over it, but is it really so?First love is first love. Although it has been 15 years, Ge Huijie has been 34 years old, but she has always been single. The only boyfriend she admits is still Wang Feng, whom she scolds and misses, the man who took away her youth.As we all know, Wang Feng’s song “I Love You so much” was really written for Ge Huijie in love, which is beyond doubt.But unexpectedly, but sing to Zhang Ziyi, used as the new woman’s confession props, this thing deeply hurt Ge Huijie.A song for the ex, for the present.In this regard, some people think that Wang Feng deliberately, the purpose is to break Ge Huijie’s entanglement, let her completely give up.But now, Ge Huijie’s old story has been brought up again. In the online discussion, people express their opinions. Some people say that this is ge Huijie’s hype, which is not popular, but is it really so?About hype ceng heat this point, in fact, many years ago Ge Huijie has responded: so to say, think I like to borrow Mr. Wang and Miss Zhang this makes, to find something to their own point of explosion, then you are misunderstanding me, and look down on me too!I am Ge Huijie, I always do not care who is who, do not need him or them to bring me what hype point.As for Ge Huijie’s article, Wang Feng has not responded to it so far. He is silent this time because of years of confrontation between the two armies.First of all, it’s not for a man to fight with his ex, because whatever he says, he’s going to get yelled at, because he did something wrong.Secondly, he needs to take care of his beloved wife Zhang Ziyi’s feelings, if admitted, is hurt his wife, do not admit, also wrong.So silence is golden, wang Feng can sing, no matter how good his mouth is, he does not dare to follow, because he is very clever.Once Wang Feng has any speech, he will be covered with mouth, will die miserably.Have to say, there is an immature ex-girlfriend, is also very upset, but there is no way, nai of me, ha ha!Source network why ge hui Agnes again every song words, actually think is trapped, because Mr Wang and zhang ziyi is also calculate “fairy handsome couple,” circle “model husband and wife”, not only happy happy life, sun happiness, at any time of the couple are working to build, this character is also very cow X, in contrast, Mr Hui gem, since leaving Mr Wang, affection is dry,There was no love because she could not forget her first love.So from time to time, she always jumps out to play, for what purpose, that is love and hate, regret, but helpless.Think about why she chose to post in the early morning. Maybe she was drunk last night, woke up, returned to the past world, and she felt sad.Now that she is sad, ge Huijie, as a fierce girl, naturally dares to publish her inner thoughts. Then she opens the old account book again and asks her father to verify the things of that year. She has to say, it is so cute!Wang Feng wants to escape ge Huijie’s topic, obviously is impossible, he is like trapped in a cage, can only be next to, because this immature ex-girlfriend, his daughter “little Apple” real mother, always from time to time harassment.When it comes to here, actually had to admire the courage of zhang ziyi, really have a bearing, deserves the title of “international” chapter, because she “married” to three marriage of Mr Wang, must also know oneself the yes has an affair, but her “stepmother” did a good job, will not only as his own daughter of the former, also can face all kinds of topics of Mr Wang, face – deadpan, continue to happiness,Even old age baby, wang Feng gave birth to a male ding, really ruthless, not satisfied with the cow ah!In the colorful entertainment industry, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng’s marriage is really not a good one, because they are birds of a feather.Before marrying Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi’s boyfriend conservatively estimated that two tables of mahjong was enough. From home to abroad, Zhang Ziyi really never stopped in those years. She was either in love or looking for love.As for Wang Feng, apart from Ge Huijie, he also divorced twice. Buddha would not believe him if he did not cheat and play with women’s feelings.But love comes, no matter who hook up with who, two people achieve a hundred years of good marriage, also have their own daughter and son, although has been singing failure, but never divorced, as the author, really do not want them to divorce.Because this marriage, can be seen as mutual harm for the people, once divorced, do not know who is to take the dish, not who will suffer.On December 22, 2021, huang An, a famous singer, announced on his micro blog that Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi had divorced. The news spread rapidly on the Internet, as everyone felt it was time for them to leave.”My friend zhu Toupi, a veteran entertainment journalist in Hong Kong, broke the news that Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng have divorced!Is this the grand finale of 2021?”Wang Feng has not been in the headlines for many years, but with the news of Huang an’s micro-blog, this melon is rapidly fermenting and growing up, and will soon be in the headlines!As a result, zhang ziyi personally gave the nutrition to break, she directly fought back, let her husband Wang Feng in the headlines of the dream again broken!”Fake!!Peak elder brother tomorrow morning the tell who to who “source network a see things wrong, don’t eat immediate loss, huang is also light sticks immediately to record video, in good faith an apology, said he also eat the melon crowd, this is my friend message, himself didn’t think so serious, then hand fuels, again bless Mr Wang and zhang ziyi, couples must good luck one hundred!In fact, there were a lot of rumors on the Internet before the gaffe, because a company owned by a husband and wife has little correlation, which seems to be a prelude to the division of property.Huang xiaoming and Angelababy’s divorce, which has been speculated by netizens for years, was officially announced on January 28.Was this man and his wife afraid to declare before the time had come?This melon, can only wait for the test of time!”Rather tear down ten temples, do not break a marriage”, in the case of children have women, sincerely hope that two people can not divorce, because the child is innocent.Because of their marriage, wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi have been concentrating on their family and career in recent years without making waves. Isn’t it good?Conclusion: For the speech of Ge Huijie, whether it is nostalgia, or rub heat, but it certainly brought the fire of “I love you so”.Over the years, Ge Huijie has made some insinuations about Wang Feng from time to time, but there is a sign that he is the one she cannot erase from her heart, because he is her first love and she gave birth to his daughter.Over the years, old love unforgettable, is undoubtedly because of love hate, strange can only be strange, Wang Feng hurt a first love woman’s heart.Because of the love affair with Ge Huijie, Wang Feng’s popularity also dropped a lot. If it were not for his remarriage with Zhang Ziyi, wang Feng would not be so popular with his marriage relationship.Through ge Hui Jie Wang Feng’s love, in fact, also gave many people a wake up: do not casually hurt a girl’s heart, because you will never think of her love for you is how hot.