It’s all treasure, not just spice!If you do this, you can’t stop

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Sichuan peppercorns, a familiar spice in everyday cooking.Especially in Sichuan cuisine, sichuan pepper can be said to be the “soul”, the lack of a it, the taste may be “thousands of miles”.Pepper varieties are very diverse, red pepper, green pepper, rattan pepper……The usage is different, each has its own characteristics.And its whole body is “treasure”, in addition to the fruit often used in vegetables, pepper buds, leaves can actually eat.Today, “home for dinner” invited two masters, they will use a sichuan pepper for us to bring a sumptuous dinner.Sichuan cuisine chef Yang Bing is in his element with prickly ash.This time, he will use 3 different kinds of Chinese prickly ash and 5 different ways to serve it. You should not miss it!Use and taste of different Prickly ash: Prickly ash with red skin, dahongpao as its representative variety, the most common in family cooking.It is mainly used for marinated meat and stir-fried dishes to increase fragrance and light numbing taste.Green pepper, also known as ma jiao, is produced in Sichuan and Guizhou provinces and has a far stronger numbing taste than red pepper.Sichuan cuisine is often used to add numbing flavor to dishes, but also can be made into sesame pepper oil into the dish.Rattan pepper generally only eat fresh fruit, fresh and rich fragrance, hemp taste long.One part of it is put into the pot and baked. After baking, let it cool and roll it out into pepper noodles. The other part is soaked in water for later use.Tip: When baking sichuan peppercorns, it’s easier to control the baking temperature by stirring them by hand.Cut pork ribs into 3mm thick slices, add salt, cooking wine, scallions, ginger slices and pepper water and marinate for 5 minutes.Tip: Use the pork loin, full of toughness, easy to cut into large pieces, suitable for making soup.Rub cornflour on both sides of meat slices and beat them thinly with a rolling pin.Slice the green bamboo shoots, soak them in salt water and then change them to a flower knife.Tip: The green bamboo shoots soaked in salt water are easier to form, rinse with water before cooking.- 05 – pot pour oil, add ginger, garlic, ginger, millet pepper, sauce, pepper, green pepper, red pepper, yellow at the end of the curry sauce, yellow bell pepper sauce, spring onion, stir-fry after put into water, pepper, sugar, chicken essence, fresh chicken juice, boil soup base, down to the green asparagus, garlic sprout, green bamboo shoot slices boiled to remove after maturity, the shop is on the bottom.Put the meat slices in the soup base, cook them and pour them into the plate, sprinkle with the prickly ash noodles, drizzle with the prickly ash oil, sprinkle with scallions, and finally put on the rattan pepper.Soaking in water, crushing, frying oil, frying and fresh use, the three kinds of Pepper were treated in different ways, and the flavor and numbing taste were fully stimulated.Meat slices after rolling pin continue to beat, the meat becomes more tender and delicate, the entrance is melting, fragrant hemp satisfying, how to eat not enough!Li Ruchao, a pastry master from Shanxi, will make two delicious dishes with prickly ash leaves and prickly ash buds today. Those who have never eaten and cannot make these two ingredients must learn to do it!What distinction do prickly ash bud and prickly ash leaf have?Prickly ash bud: the bud of the prickly ash tree in spring;Zanthoxylum leaves: Leaves from which zanthoxylum buds grow in summer.Add 32 grams of baking powder, 20 grams of sugar, 20 grams of yeast powder, 36 grams of lard, 1400 grams of warm water and appropriate amount of oil into 4 kilograms of strong flour, and make dough, wake up for 10 minutes.Tip: Add sugar to the dough to neutralize the fermented flavor and help the dough rise;Add a little lard to soften the dough and add flavor.Put the prickly ash leaves into a pot and bake them over low heat. Stir-fry the cumin over medium heat. Then grind the prickly ash leaves and roll the cumin into half granules.Tip: Fennel stir-fry quickly, fragrant and not paste.Roll the dough into small pieces, shake it into strips, grease it, sprinkle with chopped cumin and peppercorns, roll it up one side and roll it into a cake.Put the cake into an electric pancake pan at 200℃ for 5 minutes, turn it over and bake it for 5 minutes.The gap between the pancakes is just enough to finish another dish, sichuan pepper sprouts.Pour water into the pot, boil the water and put the washed pepper buds into the pot. Blanch for about 3 seconds to remove the cold water, and hold the water for later use.Add salt, sugar, five-spice powder, minced garlic, dried chili, fresh chicken juice, light soy sauce, pour hot oil, then pour vinegar cooked in hot oil, stir well.Li Ruchao specializes in making prickly ash leaf cake for 20 years, with consummate skills and unparalleled taste, which is full of countless good memories.Prickly ash leaf cake is not bland even if it is eaten empty, salty and sweet in the mouth, with a sweet aftertaste, the more delicious it becomes.If it breaks apart, stuffed in the middle of the cold pepper bud, a bite down, the face, pepper fragrance instantly full of mouth, full of toughness and chewy, but also delicious to stop ~ Prickly pepper actually has many wonderful uses, such as can be put into rice to help insect repellence;Because of the strong effect of anesthesia and analgesia, can assist toothache……Real whole body is “treasure”!Do you know any special ways to eat or use sichuan peppercorns?(CCTV goes home for dinner)