Klay scored 33 points and Tucker added a new high of 40 to send the Lakers to their eighth straight loss

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The Golden State Warriors outscored the Los Angeles Lakers 128-112 in the second half of the NBA’s regular-season finale on Sunday, handing the lakers their third straight win and eighth straight loss.Klay had 33 points, Poole 19 points and 11 assists, a career high, wiggins 17 points and Green 10 points and seven assists.Horton Tucker scored a career-high 40 points, Monk had 24 points and seven rebounds, Howard had 16 points and 12 rebounds, and James, Russell and Westbrook all sat out.In the first quarter, Tucker scored four straight points, Wiggins made a layup and Reeves hit a 3-pointer to start a 9-2 run.Wiggins shot, Thompson, Wiggins hit three in a row, the Warriors over the Lakers.Tucker hit a layup, Howard hit a hook and Thompson hit a 3.Johnson made it 2-and-1, Porter hit a 3-pointer, Wiggins made a flag-one foul, Reeves made it 2-and-1 after a free throw, Tucker scored five straight points and Payton dunked.The lakers led 32-27 after the first quarter.In the second quarter, Thompson hit a 3-pointer, Gabriel dunked, Bielica scored five points in a row, Thompson hit a 3-pointer and Kuminga made a layup as golden State went on a 12-2 run to take the lakers’ lead.Monk, Johnson hit three, Thompson hit a shot, both sides alternate lead.Tucker gets a layup, Howard dunks and pulls the rim, gets a techie.Thompson makes three in a row, Wiggins dunks.The Warriors led the lakers 65-62 at halftime.Thompson had 23 points in the first half, hitting six 3-pointers and Wiggins had 11.Tucker had 17 points, Monk 13 and Reeves 12 for the Lakers.The lakers went on an 8-0 run after Tucker’s layup and Monk’s 3-pointer.Thompson hit a shot, Howard made a putback, Poole made a layup.Howard empty catch and dunk, Monk layup, Poole, Wiggins in three, the two sides tied.Green made a layup, Poole got a technical foul, Ellington missed a free throw and Thompson scored back-to-back baskets as the Warriors went on a 13-0 run to pull within 10 points.Ellington’s 3-pointer gave the Warriors a 91-84 lead after three quarters.In the final quarter, Porter hit a 3-pointer and Payton made a layup to give the Warriors a 12-point lead.Tucker scored a layup, Poole, Monk each other three points.Tucker hit a layup and Porter scored.Iguodala dunks, Wiggins makes a 3-pointer, Howard makes a 3-pointer.Lakers: Monk, Tucker, Reeves, Johnson, Howard Warriors: Poole, Thompson, Wiggins, Green, Rooney