Mudanjiang: the full implementation of “online”!Minsheng Building, service hall related to enterprises suspended offline services

2022-06-05 0 By

On April 6th, the reporter learned from the Business environment Construction Supervision Bureau of Mudanjiang City that in accordance with the requirements of mudanjiang City, in order to protect people’s life and health, minsheng Building and service hall related to enterprises will suspend offline window business from now on.The masses can take “general matters online, not urgent matters consulting office, urgent matters assistant agent” and other ways to handle the relevant business.Methods It is understood that in order to effectively grasp the epidemic prevention and control work and further facilitate enterprises and the public to handle government services, Minsheng Building and service hall for enterprises provide “zero meeting”, “zero running” and “one-stop” online channels to handle government services and minimize the risk of cross infection.At present, mudanjiang city has 1,588 items of government services available online.In “Online Handling”, for general matters, please log in to Heilongjiang Provincial Government Service Network (Mudanjiang) and the special network of each department, click Login/Register – select Mudanjiang City – select municipal department – search item name – submit materials as required to complete online handling;Or handle relevant matters through the “provincial affairs” App on the mobile phone, and the staff will monitor the handling of matters in the background to ensure that matters are handled on schedule.Remind mudanjiang Business Bureau to remind enterprises and the handling masses that the business that can be handled online at present, please try to choose online handling. If you have any questions, you can handle online handling by means of “consulting office” and “assistant agent” under telephone guidance.In “consultation office”, enterprises and the masses can consult questions and handle business by telephone, and the staff can guide the masses to use computer terminal and mobile phone App by telephone.In the “assistant agent”, enterprises and the masses can call the municipal Government Affairs Service Center and the consulting telephone of the enterprise hall for registration in case of urgent matters. After communicating with the staff, they will send the necessary materials to the staff through wechat, email and other ways, and explain the time limit requirements in advance.The staff will provide you with assistant service.If the hotline cannot be reached or the policy is unclear, please dial 12345 government service convenience hotline.Citizens can also follow the “Mudanjiang Business Environment Construction Supervision Bureau” public account, timely access to the latest policies.Source: Mudanjiang Daily