Penguin e-sports down, game live three world, the game circle and what will be affected

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Talking about today’s game broadcast platform, DO not know how many we can think of?It is estimated that most players and play coffee game treasure dictionary, remember a few once big crocodile.Once the group also gradually become a fight, tiger bisection world, even Tencent had been given high hopes, hoping to share a cup of penguin e-sports also came to an end today.On April 7, Penguin announced its official delisting.Penguin-related products will cease operation on June 7.This news actually is not very sudden, some anchors have also published relevant remarks before, but this wave is the official confirmation of the news.However, despite the loss of this sub-series of products, but for Tencent’s own live game situation is not much impact.After all, Tencent itself also has douyu, Huya shares, although the merger plan went bankrupt before but generally speaking in the game live leading position, Tencent is still very top.The reason for the failure of Penguin e-sports is largely due to the diversification of investment, because Tencent lost by not putting eggs in a basket, but also because of this operation, the game broadcast Tencent is still in an invincible position.This play coffee game treasure book on their own personal insights, and we talk about the impact of the penguin e-sports outage.1. Douyu and Huya, which are already the leaders in the world of game live broadcasting, will be further improved in host resources and users.With the advantages of the community and the support of many loyal users, STATION B will also enter the linear acceleration stage.Competition is also gathering resources across the industry, making life harder for smaller platforms.2, the game operation and publicity where the players are, is the game publicity and operation of the important place.Since then, the publicity and distribution operation of many games will also be hit to these platforms.B station, in particular, is the best in community communication. It is not only a live broadcast platform, but also a video platform.3. The future of MCN?Most anchors have a team, and all players who have come into contact with live broadcasting must be familiar with the MCN organization that comes to visit and cooperate with them.With the three division of the world, now many MCN institutions in competition and income will also collide with each other.MCN, which used to thrive on gifts alone, has also changed its way of operating and signing contracts.How to make changes after that depends on the development of the industry and personal direction, but PERSONALLY I think this is a good thing.MCN itself is intermingled with good and bad, if it can be restructured, into a large agent company is also a good choice.But we will continue to witness the future direction of game broadcasting.Penguin e-sports down, game live three world, the game circle and what will be affected!