A painting in chenghuang Temple, make Zhu Yuanzhang feel funny, But Liu Bowen told him the meaning

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After the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang first wanted to reward the meritocats.Like many emperors of his former dynasty, he feared that his ministers would undermine his ruling position by overshadowing him.Therefore, there is one thing that troubled Zhu Yuanzhang for three years.In addition, Liu bowen made great contributions to Zhu Yuanzhang, which made everyone worry about Liu Bowen’s situation.Just when everyone thought that Zhu Yuanzhang was going to destroy the bridge and kill Liu Bowen, Liu Bowen cleverly solved the crisis with a painting and survived.When Liu Bowen was invited to Yingtianfu, Zhu Yuanzhang was faced with two dilemma: the wealthy Zhang Shicheng and the powerful Chen Youliang.He is obviously less powerful than any of them.After liu Bowen became an adviser, he proposed the strategy of avoiding two battles and breaking through one by one, which helped Zhu Yuanzhang eliminate the two obstacles in front of him and established the Ming Dynasty.These two achievements alone were enough to make him chancellor.After the early Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang asked Liu Bowen about the floods in the south.Liu Bowen soon solved the problem, but Zhu Yuanzhang was still depressed.Therefore, Liu Bowen took the opportunity to suggest Zhu Yuanzhang to relax outside the palace, which can not only effectively relieve fatigue mood, but also feel the situation of the people, do a generation of wise king.Zhu yuanzhang thought this was a good idea, so he changed into civilian clothes and left the palace with him.Nanjing was the ancient capital of six dynasties.The streets were bustling with cars and horses.See a prosperous scene, Zhu Yuanzhang immediately in a good mood.He smiled and asked Liu Bowen, Where is the busiest place here?Liu bowen said there are a lot of people watching town God’s Temple.Zhu yuanzhang decided to go to the City God temple.Indeed, as Liu Bowen said, people mountain sea good lively.When Zhu yuanzhang and his ministers entered the temple, many people stared at the wall next to the hall.Some of them spoke with their mouths and tongues, and some pointed fingers.Immediately intrigued, Zhu pushed his way into the crowd to explore and found a painting on the wall.In this painting, a person’s hair has many clusters, each with a hat, scattered like a haystack.Zhu yuanzhang did not understand the painting, but found it very interesting.On the way back, Zhu could not help asking liu bowen, “What a strange picture the city god’s temple is! I wonder who did it?”Mr Liu says this is no surprise.Zhu yuanzhang asked, “Who wears so many hats?”Liu Bowen replied, “The person who drew this picture is not strange, but very clever.He used paintings to warn The Ming Dynasty, as a metaphor for the chaos of many officials.”Hearing this, Zhu Yuanzhang fell silent.This outing really solved his grief.Since then, he made clear the rewards and punishments, and according to the merit of the official rank.Whenever an official or baron was appointed, it had to be on good grounds, and the ministers were very convinced.As for why the strange painting in the town God’s temple is actually Liu Bowen’s own painting, he hung in the town God’s temple, let Zhu Yuanzhang know what they are doing.He is responsible for the final interpretation.It’s not going to be deliberate.It can not only protect the face of Zhu Yuanzhang, but also will not damage the interests of the meritorious, and even to zhu Yuanzhang in front of loyalty.Consolidate his position.What do you think about that?Share your thoughts and share them in the comments section.I am the History of China, please pay attention to me, together with the study of ancient Chinese history, ancient knowledge today, learning history wise!