Big changes are about to take place after Australia is completely unsealed

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In 2020, novel Coronavirus began to ravage the world.On March 20, the government closed its international borders to all visa holders except Australian citizens and permanent residents.Melbourne was locked down six times for 460 days in 2 years and Sydney was locked down for more than 100 days.Can’t bear to think of, can’t bear to think of.But now, all that is about to change!Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Tuesday that international travellers with a visa and full COVID-19 vaccination will be allowed to enter Australia from February 21.In other words, after two years of closure, Australia will soon completely open its borders to foreign tourists!Foreign students, going back to class immigrants, will come back.Hundreds of thousands of visa holders came in and this time it’s really, it’s really coming back!So, what changes will take place in Australia in the future?Don’t worry, first say, unseal under some instructions, so that we understand the details more.Who is admitted to Australia?All fully vaccinated visa holders, including tourists.What are the vaccination requirements?All international visitors entering the country must be fully vaccinated unless a medical exemption is proved.Australia recognises full vaccination as follows, but mixing is also acceptable.Astrazeneca Vaxzevria Covishield Pfizer Biontech Comirnaty Modena Spikevax or Takeda Coronavac Barat Biotechnology company Covaxin Sinophem GroupBbibp-corv (for those under 60 years of age when arriving in Australia) Sputnik V Biocelect Nuvaxovid from Gamaleya Institute requires a single shot of COVID-19 vaccine:According to regulations, the final dose of janssen-Cilag vaccine required for full vaccination must be given at least seven days before travel to Australia.Passengers must present their INTERNATIONAL COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate (ICVC) or foreign vaccination certificate to airline staff.Is a third dose needed to be considered complete?Mr Morrison’s answer is no.The Australian government defines full vaccination as two doses of vaccine and does not require booster shots for international visitors.However, the State government has said it may require international arrivals to receive two doses of the vaccine and a booster shot.If the Australian Immunization Technical Advisory Group later changes the definition of full vaccination to three doses, other states and territories may follow suit.Can unvaccinated people come to Australia?Unvaccinated travellers who wish to enter Australia will need to provide proof that they have health reasons for not being vaccinated.They must also apply for travel waivers to come to Australia.If they are granted travel permission, they must undergo mandatory hotel quarantine upon arrival.What is the maximum number of arrivals for each state and territory?International travellers will be subject to the relevant state and territory requirements upon arrival in Australia.Some states do not have a maximum number of arrivals, such as NSW.Other states have arrival caps: Western Australia, for example, has been limited to a maximum of 530 international arrivals per week since September 9th.Can unvaccinated children enter the country?Children under the age of 12 do not need to be vaccinated to travel to Australia.However, if children are traveling with unvaccinated adult family members, the entire family group is subject to a maximum number of arrivals and must be subject to mandatory hotel quarantine.Some states and territories allow unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children ages 12 to 17 to travel with a fully vaccinated adult.What negative certificates should tourists show for Australia?When checking in for flights to Australia, international visitors must present one of the following three items:Within three days before departure for nucleic acid testing (PCR) results negative for three days before the departure of nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT) results negative for 24 hours before the departure, under medical supervision for the rapid antigen detection (RAT) results negative for medical certificate, notice to you to say that finish, let you accomplish know fairly well, then,What will happen to Australia if we open our borders?Tourists will flood into Australia, and international tourists can’t wait!Data from travel booking website Skyscanner showed a 21 per cent jump in hits to Australian websites and a 23 per cent jump in inbound travel searches after the announcement, with the majority coming from the UK, followed by India, the US, South Korea and Ireland.The three most popular Australian destinations were Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.Qantas announced that it would resume sydney-Dallas routes on February 16, Brisbane – Singapore, Sydney – Manila and Sydney – Jakarta routes on March 27, Sydney – Denpasar routes on March 28 and Brisbane – Los Angeles routes on April 1.Qantas domestic and international routes, head, says David after announced that it would reopen border, flights to Australia booking number has doubled within 24 hours, booking volume growth from the us, the UK is the most strong, from South Africa, India, Canada booking volume also increased dramatically, four is popular with the passenger travel time in May.It is foreseeable that in the future, tourists coming to Australia will flood in large numbers!One of the things that’s really worrying about the epidemic is the epidemic.Australia is now adopting a new strategy to live with the virus, significantly easing restrictions on outbreaks and responding in a flu-like manner.As Australia enters winter, will the influx of tourists bring the next wave of the epidemic to Australia?Will the epidemic rebound again?It’s worrying.Students are flooding back!Now, the global demand for study visas to Australia is still strong.Since the end of 2021, the Australian government has received more than 50,000 student visa applications.Some Australian universities can’t wait to attract international students back, and have already introduced incentives. For example, the University of Canberra will offer international students a $1,500 to help cover their travel expenses.Uts has adopted a flexible approach to returning time for international students, especially Chinese students.It is foreseeable that although the national boundaries were opened at the end of February, the tide of students returning to Australia may not appear until the second semester.Student green card easier?How to get a green card after graduation has always been a difficult problem.Now some Australian experts are calling on the government to provide new ways for international students to apply for a permanent residence visa, such as obtaining a job through internships.It is worth looking forward to whether the Australian government will relax student green cards in the future.The rapid influx of new migrants will be followed by an influx of new migrants and a rapid return to pre-pandemic levels, particularly for temporary visa holders.Australia faces a severe labor shortage during the epidemic.In the future, an influx of tourists on temporary visas, young backpackers, international students, new immigrants will fill jobs in industries chronically short of workers.It can not only bring about a turnaround for The Australian economy, but also effectively solve the problem of labor shortage.The Australian government will introduce relaxed incentives for overseas students, new immigrants and backpackers to work.The return of foreign Labour should help fill the skills gap, but one consequence is that high wage growth, which has been squeezed by Labour shortages, will return to normal.Immigration to rise?In the post-EPIDEMIC era, will Australia’s immigration quota be increased?In fact, this question is very difficult.The government has said it will not use the reopening of borders to make up for lost immigration levels, keeping the number of permanent migrants capped at the pre-pandemic level of 160,000 a year.But there is no telling before the general election, which may again campaign on expanding immigration quotas.Property market from February 21, with more immigrants, tourists, students under the entry, Australia’s property market will usher in another wave of activation.The Australian rental market, in particular, will see growth.In the future, housing in big cities will become more difficult to rent and more expensive.Please have rental demand friends, as soon as possible to prepare.Finally, Australia was able to open up again.Australia, the lucky land, has survived so many hardships.The hope of the future, is not far away, we can already see the dawn.Together, let’s wish Australia the best in 2022!If you wish Australia and love Australia, please forward this article as much as possible. Australia will march forward with your blessing!So, what do you think of Australia’s re-unsealing?Please leave your valuable opinion!* The pictures in this article are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the background to delete