Celebrity list: Gu Ailing in fashion magazine circle, really “killing crazy”

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Finally ushered in a small holiday, although the time is not long, but also enough for us to rest and adjust the mood.In the day that reduces to go out as far as possible, come a period of joy, it is the leisure way that suits not to pass again.Take a look at some of the most amazing and hilarious outfits you’ve ever worn.Six months after returning to China, Meng Wanzhou finally made a public appearance at Huawei’s annual report launch.This home activity is her “first show” after returning to China. Meng Wanzhou, who has been known as the “big princess of Huawei”, presents a calm and elegant noble gas from her facial state to her physical temperament.Dior’s simple little black dress, paired with van Cleef & Arpels white butterfly brooch and four-leaf clover bracelet, was just right.She sat at random and kept her posture upright all the time: compared with her state before returning to China, everyone felt that Meng Wanzhou was becoming more and more delicate and beautiful now.Although she does not depend on her appearance, she can still feel a growing sense of grace from the inside out.Sure enough, the strong sense of security brought by the motherland is irreplaceable.Also absent for a long time was Tang Wei.Dressed in a black Givenchy suit, he wore his long, loose hair, which looked extremely casual.Every studio photo is aesthetic feeling and atmosphere feeling together.Another champagne dress and gold accessories combination, also very online: ▲ Jewelry: Fred black and white filter and normal shooting as the film, is not to worry about the lens expression.Wedding Dress: Elie Saab has been updated by the news that Sun Ye-jin and Hyun Bin are getting married.As a famous goddess representative, Sun Yizhen that day was presented with three different wedding show.Elie Saab with beaded suspender looks fresh and stylish.Vera Wang’s tulle gown has a more formal look.On Vera Wang’s wedding day, Valentino unveiled her as a new brand ambassador.Matching exclusive wedding dress, of course, also want to arrange.The Valentino couple’s wedding took place in private mode, with media only able to capture some outdoor scenes.But that didn’t dampen the mood on their wedding day.I’ve been on CP for so long, it’s officially locked.Full dress: Anta’s recent Gu Ailing is “killing crazy” in the fashion OFFICIEL circle.On the cover of three consecutive editions, especially the latest one, wearing a full anta sports collection, also completely did not weaken her own fashion index, wearing sportswear out of the international fashion week effect.With the title of “frog princess”, we also have a group photo with a real frog, which is very cute:▲ The image is from the inside pages of Marie Claire magazine L ‘Officiel, and she basically continues this unique and ethereal style of shooting.Whether it’s retro modern or avant-garde technology, it’s well interpreted.The image is from Marie Claire & L ‘Officiel, and it is not difficult for her to focus close on her face.She has the professional qualities of a graphic model.A Vogue China shoot is also said to be in the works.Have begun to look forward to a new round of beautiful photo “bombardment”.– Barbara Palvin — ▲ Dress: Missoni’s annual Oscar Ceremony is on again.The Vanity Fair Oscar party each year is often of a higher quality than the official red carpet.Supermodel Barbara and boyfriend Dylan Sprouse hit the red carpet with an all-black Look.This look is also the first modern retro look.Teal eye shadow goes perfectly with her aqua blue eyes.It feels better when you move.I feel like I’m gonna be a Bond girl.Jessica Chastain stepped out in a bright green gown.With the Oscar in his hand, he was all smiles.Hunter Schafer, a transgender actor who recently starred in “Excitement,” and Elsa Hosk, a supermodel, both opted for tough dresses.The effect is still shockingly powerful.The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian and Kkendall also walked the red carpet in their favorite outfit.Sister photos, of course.Anya and K both picked the whole black route.AA and Taishan also chose structured dresses.Heidi Klum prefers colorful dresses, just like her fellow supermodel Emily.In the pure color department of yi Shui er, very eye-catching.You can have as many red carpets as you want at a supermodel meetup.Jin Chen and LouisVuitton’s new jewelry collection, released on time.This advertisement perfectly combines the temperament of Jinchen with the golden LV Volt Upside Down Play.The luster of the skin and the light of the metal just echo up, senior feeling full and not grandiose.Recently, her advertisements have been placed around the world by LV.Prada has invested heavily in her location, fashion potential and resources before, which is really nice.Today’s red list players are too strong expression, we will see the next black list check!