Head mite causes so many hair problems, how can we prevent it?

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1) Wash pillow towels, sheets, pillows, sheets are covered with grease, dander, sweat stains and dust. These are the places where mites and bacteria like to stay, and the number can not be overlooked.Mites can be killed in the temperature of 60 degrees in two or three minutes. Hot washing, exposure to the sun, ironing and so on can effectively remove mites.2) Pay attention to hair hygiene must pay attention to scalp cleaning, this is the top priority, can reduce hair oil, hair loss, scalp itching and other phenomena, with sterilization maintenance, can destroy the survival environment of mites, inhibit and eliminate mites.In addition, the comb we often use should also pay attention to cleaning, to avoid cross infection.3) Wash our scalp with warm water is very weak, plus the head mite parasitic, there has been damage phenomenon, so we can not use too hot water or too cold water, so as not to aggravate scalp damage, let mites more rampant, warm water washing is appropriate, control about 40℃ is good.4) Light diet diet should eat more light food and vegetables and fruits, appropriate supplements of VITAMIN B group and zinc elements.Greasy, spicy food increases the amount of oil, giving the mite a good breeding space.In addition, do not eat seafood, cheese food, easy to stimulate the head mite, rapid increase in reproduction.I am Dr. Liang Xiwen, hair doctor. If you have any hair problems, please ask me in the comment section or private message. I will patiently answer them for you.Follow us to learn more about hair.