Personality without losing practical Tiger 5X superhero edition

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As young people’s use of cars becomes more diversified, cars have been upgraded from mere means of transport to playmates.In addition to commuting to work, they also invite a few friends to drive or go on sweet dates with their loved ones.As a result, they are increasingly demanding cars that are not only stylish and cool, but also have large space and high intelligence.However, the market to young people to drive for the label of countless models, which in the end to choose the right?To introduce a model conforms to the young people taste – tiggo or dingle 5 x | | inquiry pictures (parameters) super hero edition, young people want to have it.This is a generation of young people who wear the trendiest clothes and the coolest shoes. They wear the trendiest clothes on their bodies, but also on their feet.If you want to be their driver, you have to be more than mediocre.The Super hero version of The Tiger 5X (1000 yuan replacement subsidy) has a variety of personality cool appearance, in this “look at the face” era can attract the attention of consumers.Not only that, the Star diamond grille on the Tiger 5X Superhero edition is very modern and technological, making the whole front face look more refined.In addition, Ruihu 5X super hero version of crystal lens LED headlights, double spoiler and three colors cool aluminum alloy wheels, plus the vehicle appearance level, let people just look at it will never forget.In order to close to the aesthetic of young people, The Tiger 5X superhero version in the car design to personality, dynamic as the main tone.The red and black double decoration atmosphere attracts the eye, suspended central control screen to enhance the sense of science and technology in the car, the sub-instrument panel and door inner protection plate adopts texture design, improve the car’s senior sense.The overall interior design has both personality and texture, no problem absorbing eye expert.This generation of young people have been accustomed to switching freely between various intelligent hardware and virtual reality, so their cars also need various intelligent configurations, only to bring them more cool and novel experience, can they get their eyes.Ruihu 5X Superhero version is equipped with the leading Lion zhiyun system of the same level, which integrates AI zhiyun remote vehicle control, AI enhanced natural voice interaction, AI Zhiyun butler and so on, bringing more different experiences to life.Cold wave is coming, now the whole country is open late autumn mode, regardless of the outdoor cooling geometry, one-button remote open vehicle air conditioning, into the car just like spring breeze, let your TA body and heart are warm.Not only that, the AI intelligent cloud interconnection remote vehicle control function, but also to achieve users of the engine and trunk remote control, more convenient car.In addition, the system also realized the user to the vehicle information remote management, at any time to understand the location of the vehicle, mileage, fuel consumption at the same time, but also realized the automatic car, remote vehicle authorization function, really do anytime and anywhere to control the vehicle.It’s inevitable to get bored after a long drive.Tiger 5X super Hero version supports AI intelligence cloud butler real-time online, full time high-speed 4G network coverage, listening to music, news, etc., is so simple to refuse boredom.It doesn’t matter if you can’t free your hands to switch on and off while driving. Just say the word and the AI-enhanced natural voice interaction function will help you complete the operation.It is worth mentioning that the Voice interaction function of the Swedish Tiger 5X Superhero edition is very powerful, which can recognize up to 46 dialects, and it can understand you even when you speak your native language.The space of the larger size, the installation of everything may be very tired at ordinary times, about a few friends to travel must make everyone comfortable.The Tiger 5X superhero version has the longest body of 4358mm, the largest body width of 1830mm and the longest wheelbase of 2630mm beyond the same level of models, creating a large space far beyond the same level, even if three people in the back seat, also can ensure that everyone can sit comfortably.Not only that, the Tiger 5X superhero version also provides far more than the same class of large back box, whether it is a full set of fishing gear, or self-driving travel needs tatami, tents, etc., can be stuffed under.So easy to meet users’ daily travel and self-driving travel needs.In general, Ruihu 5X Superhero edition has both personality and practicality. It not only has online appearance level and full sense of science and technology, but also provides a large space leading the same class, which can meet all kinds of car needs. It is a valuable choice for young people to buy cars.