Representatives of the Linyi delegation discussed the work report of the standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress and the “Two Houses” of the Procuratorate

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On January 25th to 26th, the representatives of the linyi delegation to attend the seventh session of the 13th Provincial People’s Congress deliberated the work report of the standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress and the provincial High People’s Court, the provincial People’s Procuratorate.During the deliberations, the deputies spoke freely and made positive suggestions. The meeting was held in a warm atmosphere.The delegates agreed that the provincial standing committee work report to fully implement xi new age the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics, summarizes the practical work, seeking truth from facts, arrangement work closely this year people’s major concerns, stick to democratic rule of law construction of real need, is a clear-cut stand, role and for the people, to carry forward the good report of the rule of law;Technique “houses” report to xi jinping, new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, the full implementation of the strategy of governing the country according to law, pay attention to speak with data results, comprehensive and objective reflect work, to safeguard social fairness and justice, has distinguishing feature, there are bright spots, effective, high quality to promote the province’s economic and social development has played a positive role.Yao Yunming, deputy of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, said that the work report of the standing Committee of the provincial People’s Congress runs through a strong political consciousness, a firm thinking of the rule of law and a solid feeling for the people, showing the style of the work of the past year, especially in the construction of the “four organs”, the performance of legal duties and the main role of deputies, and other aspects, highlights.It is suggested that in the election of new deputies to people’s congresses, the proportion of deputies elected for re-election should be appropriately increased, so as to maintain the relative stability of the ranks of deputies and improve their ability to perform their duties.Peng Bo representative said, the provincial judicial procuratorate “two houses” work report highlights the “fair justice, justice for the people” work theme, summary work realistic, planning the next step of the comprehensive and scientific work.It is suggested that the “Two Houses” crack down on illegal fund-raising and other activities that infringe on people’s interests, and ensure effective cohesion and close cooperation to safeguard people’s interests and social stability.Improve the pre-litigation mediation mechanism, effectively divert and block cases, from the source to solve the problem of “letters and visits not believing the law”;The bankrupt and closed enterprises should be carefully sealed up to realize the organic unity of political effect, legal effect and social effect in judicial handling cases.Zuo Jinliang and Wu Hanhua suggested that the Standing Committee of shandong Provincial People’s Congress should timely amend the Regulations on Agricultural Technology Popularization in Shandong Province to strengthen the important role of agricultural technology in rural revitalization.We will carry out inspections on the enforcement of the Regulations on Promoting Rural Revitalization in Shandong Province, strengthen supervision over the work related to rural revitalization, and promote the implementation of various policies and measures.Cheng Ping said that the work report of the Two houses of the Provincial Procuratorate was innovative, innovative and effective, demonstrating the judicial responsibility with strength and temperature.It is suggested that the provincial High Court pay more attention to the driving force of science and technology application, make use of modern technological means to reform the whole chain of litigation service, diversified dispute resolution, trial methods and supervision mechanism, and further promote the construction of intelligent court, so as to provide strong scientific and technological support for justice for the people and justice.It is suggested that provincial procuratorates conduct big data analysis on the per capita number of cases handled by municipal and (county and district) procuratorates, and use this as a reference to facilitate the allocation of procurators to procuratorates and departments that handle large amounts of cases.Present newspaper melt media reporter Wang Yongchao