Until finally the Japanese can not hear the idea of Mako, leaving the palace after the princess is a different person

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Princess Mako is now free to live in a foreign country where she can laugh and cry as much as she wants without being judged.After announcing his engagement, Japanese media reported his family’s debt problems, and Komuro’s image hit a low point.Some people once thought that true son will give up this marriage, but no one ever thought that true son princess to this relationship is so persistent, even because this relationship suffers from mental illness has never thought to give up.”Princess Mako will definitely get married because she’s leaving the royal family. This is her last chance,” a royal official once said.If it doesn’t explain the love brain of a highly educated princess, perhaps it does explain that marriage was the only way for her to escape the palace.As a spate of members suffering from mental illness shows, the Imperial family is not a “good” place to live in.Under the condition of being criticized and reviled, they had to scold not back, and even every move was strictly controlled. In the imperial palace, women’s status was extremely low, and sometimes even the senior officials of the Imperial Household Office could point fingers at the princess and princesses.The imperial Household Agency (IHA) has been bickering since Princess Mako’s engagement was announced, but the invisible pressure has only been transferred to the princess herself, not others or ordinary people.By then Princess Mako had become the target of public criticism, with no one in the palace understanding her behavior except her sister and even her parents complaining that she had not chosen a suitable marriage partner.No one cares how she feels, no one cares what she wants to say, everyone is on the side of the royal family, and Princess Mako is on her own against the world.As far as she was concerned, there was no need for her to explain too much, for any amount of explanation would be superfluous.People who have interviewed Princess Mako think she is a lovely girl, but, such a person was forced to go crazy, rumors in the greatest pressure when she was lost in the palace wandering, at a loss, even mumbling, until the staff sent her back to her room.The AGENCY has long taken a hard line against such negative news, even when Masako suffered from severe mental illness and was intermittently absent from royal engagements for years before admitting that the crown princess was suffering from adjustment disorder.In other words, married women became “fertility tools” and princesses with royal blood became tools for the royal family.For the royal family, they don’t need a royal with flesh and blood and soul, they just need a tool man who can do what they’re told and work for the royal family.So it doesn’t matter what Princess Mako thinks, as long as she works for the royal family.Princess Mako did not reveal her true thoughts until she got married, and the Japanese did not hear her true voice until the end, and the attacks on Princess Mako have not stopped.But it didn’t matter. Princess Mako was happy as a bird newly born and free.