Xungui refers to the nobles (military generals) and nobles (royal relatives), that is, the so-called nobles with different surnames

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Xungui refers to the nobles (military generals) and nobles (royal relatives), that is, the so-called nobles with different surnames.The Ming dynasty, in addition to Li Shanchang and Liu Ji in order to lay the foundation of the Zhu Ming dynasty, with special achievements and were respectively conferred duke, bo, other civil officials even if they have great achievements did not confer knighthood.Among the nobles, the queen’s father was usually conferred the title of marquis, and her brothers were conferred the title of uncle. All the nobles who were conferred the title of knighthood enjoyed the land granted by the emperor, but their titles were lower than those of wang Jue and their names were different, so their farmland was also less than that of the royal family.The source of xun GUI zhuang tian, in addition to the emperor to grant, but also played the zhuang Tian, occupied the people of the land, tyrants of the official land, etc..In the third year of Hongwu (1370), there were six princes, twenty-eight princes and two uncles.The number of tenants granted to these princes was 38,194.Of these, fifteen hundred were given to Li Shanchang.Ten mu of land per household was planted, and the amount of land given was about forty thousand hectares.In addition, there were additional requisitions, sacrifices, and seizures of land.As your family servants rely on the potential dry ban, seize the land, Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang hongwu five years in June cast dukedom iron list.To admonish the dukedoms: do not forcibly occupy the official and civil hills, lakes, tea gardens, lusang, gold, silver and bronze fields, iron smelting;The tenants of the land, the people in charge of the land, the servants and their relatives shall not take advantage of their power to invade the people and seize the land property;Those who wish to support their subordinates privately in order to avoid corvee work and corvee work shall not be admitted;It is forbidden to seize people’s houses, fruits and livestock by false deeds of money;Not to accept land and property offered by others;Don’t wait in the countryside to bully people.In 23 years, he ordered the Ministry of Rites to compile records of ji, which prohibited the dukedom from surreptitiously exceeding the system. Some dukedom was afraid of being killed and was returned to jue.Twenty-five years and received the land to the official, dukedoms check to the age of Lu.In the Case of Hu Weiyong and The Case of Blue jade, the founding fathers were killed, and the land that had not yet returned to the government was also expropriated.After Hongwu, qin awarded the field of land rare, assisted Ming Chengzu Zhu Di to obtain the world’s heroes Qi State duke Qiu Fu, cheng State duke Zhu Neng did not give the field records.Since then, the source of Xungui zhuang tian is mostly occupied, which is called “self-buyer”.Seizing more land in the interior where the peasants were paid for their work;In the northern nine, they seized military and civilian land.Xuanzong then, abuse of your zhuangtian xun, by the family is mainly relatives, princess, son-in-law and eunuch.In addition to the envoys, there were also the officers and soldiers who had secretly occupied the fields, the fugitives who had secretly occupied the fields, the peasants who had subscribed to the farms, and the peasants who had been recruited.Call “tenant”, also have “zhuang” or “zhuang min” and so on name.