Baijian Mountain Fire Station carried out a special learning activity named “Key points of Emergency Response and Disposal of Low-temperature Rain, Snow and Freezing Disaster”

2022-06-07 0 By

In order to scientifically respond to disasters and accidents caused by low-temperature rain, snow and freezing, the team has continuously improved its efficient and professional response and disposal capabilities.Recently, Baijian Mountain fire station organized all fire rescue personnel to carry out “low temperature rain and snow frozen disaster disposal key points” thematic learning activities.During the study, the team and station cadres closely combined with the climatic characteristics of the sudden drop in temperature and the large-scale snowfall in the area, focusing on the characteristics of accidents and emergency response level under such weather conditions.It also explains the disposal methods and procedures, key points and difficulties of major low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster accidents and how to carry out rescue and guarantee, which effectively improves the disposal ability of all fire rescue personnel to deal with such disasters.Then, based on the characteristics of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters, combined with the actual situation of the area, team and station cadres put forward specific work requirements: First, in strict accordance with the principle of “sensitive response, rescue first, scientific rescue”, the first time to allocate sufficient rescue capacity, to ensure the implementation of accurate, efficient and professional rescue.The second is to do a good job in early warning research and judgment, strengthen coordination and contact with meteorological departments, timely grasp the meteorological early warning information, and control personnel on vacation business trips.Third, do a good job of cold-proof and warm measures for personnel and vehicle equipment, distribute cotton cold-proof and warm clothes, carry out a comprehensive investigation of vehicle equipment, and prevent some equipment from freezing.Fourth, do a good job in fire fighting and rescue safety protection measures, strictly implement the relevant safety management regulations, prevent all kinds of safety accidents.Through this project learning activity, further promoted the fire rescue personnel business level and comprehensive quality, and make all the fire rescue personnel of cold rain and snow freeze disaster had the further understanding, learn the proper way to dispose of such disasters and accidents, and improve the team combat capability, as well under the low temperature sleet on combat readiness work laid a solid foundation.