Dybala scored the highest and Vlahovic scored 0 on 5 shots to set up the semi-final

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Juventus host Sassuolo in the Coppa Italia quarter final on Sunday at 4am Beijing time.Juventus have been mediocre in the league this season, dropping a lot of points at the start of the campaign, but have been picking up points since December.Juventus had gone 10 consecutive league games unbeaten.Juventus also qualified for the Champions League.With the joining of Vlahovic, Juventus have more confidence in the next game.The Italian cup, Juventus against Sassuolo, in the 10th round when the two sides met, when the home Juventus shock defeat.Again, Juventus successfully revenge, 2-1 out sassuolo.Massimiliano Allegri played in a 4-231 formation.Perrin is the starting goalkeeper.Desilio, De Lecht, Bonucci and sandro form a back four.Artur and Zakaria teamed up at the back.Caderado, Dybala, and McKinney were all in on it.Vlahovich is at the top.Morata, locatelli, Danilo and Szczesny are all on standby on the bench.Juventus started very well and dybala scored in the third minute.Trailing Sassuolo kept attacking and Juventus were threateningly gun-shy, but Perrin conceded in the 24th.Hamid Traore shoots straight into the dead end.The 1-1 score held until the end of the first half.In the second half Scarmarca had a succession of header chances but he was over the top.As the match progressed, Juventus played harder and harder as they wanted to settle the battle in regular time and avoid more uncertainty.McKechnie’s shot narrowly missed the post and Dellicht’s close-range volley also hit the woodwork.Juventus finally scored in the 87th minute when Vlahovic’s shot deflected off Ruan.The own goal allowed Juventus to beat Sassuolo 2-1 and advance to the last four.Juventus scored only two goals from 10 of 20 shots on target.Sassuolo also had 16 shots at goal.In sofascore’s post-game rating, Dybala scored a game-high 8.4 points, scoring one goal from three shots, making four key passes and converting five passes, giving him an all-around performance.Vlahovic missed all five of his shots, but it was his shot that led to his opponent’s own goal.Juventus continue to make history by reaching the coppa Italia semi-finals seven times in the past eight years.In Italy, juve take on fiorentina and inter milan.For more exciting content, follow football Dog