Kunming Airport opened a temporary inspection zone for inbound flights

2022-06-07 0 By

Today, the reporter understands from kunming entry-exit frontier inspection station, since March 27, kunming long water international airport to S1 satellite hall renovation project, will be put into use as a special safeguard international inbound flights terminal (hereafter called: the epidemic temporary inspection zone), the original terminal T1 international entry passengers and crew frontier inspection place stop using.Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, preventing imported COVID-19 cases has become a top priority at major aviation hubs in China, according to a report.In order to further optimize the regional control of Kunming Airport, reduce the risk of epidemic transmission and improve the closed-loop transfer efficiency of international inbound passengers, according to the relevant regulations of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Kunming Changshui International Airport, a special inspection area was temporarily set up. Kunming Border Inspection Station set up 10 inspection channels in the special inspection area.Among them, there are 6 passenger inspection channels, 2 crew inspection channels, 1 special channel, and 1 service incident disposal and background verification channel, which further speeds up the efficiency of customs clearance and reduces the waiting time of passengers entering the country.Kunming Airport launched a temporary inspection zone for inbound flights from March 24 to 12 noon on March 27. The zone has successfully completed the work of providing service for five international inbound flights during the trial operation phase.Kunming (CNS) — When international flights arrive at Kunming Airport, passengers will directly enter the temporary quarantine zone through the S1 satellite Hall, a staff member of kunming Exit/Entry Border Control Station told reporters.After completing the health declaration, nucleic acid sampling, temperature measurement and other work of the customs department at the gate area, go straight to the entry border inspection and go through the formalities.After handling, the ground service staff will lead to pick up the luggage, carry out customs baggage inspection, leave by car from the apron, transfer to the corresponding isolation hotel.Due to the overall independence of the zone, international arrivals and domestic flights can be effectively separated from each other in space to effectively prevent cross-infection in the airport.According to statistics, as of 19:00 on March 28, 60 inbound flights and 1,224 inbound passengers had been checked in the zone.Source: Yunnan.com