Li Nan announced the wedding date!Average 20.6 points per game, 8 million Max salary, wife Zhang Changning happy bloom

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Jiangsu center Edison Wu posted wedding photos on Feb 14 to mark Valentine’s Day in the west, announcing his wedding to zhang Changning in June. Netizens have expressed their understanding and blessing for such a “dog food” act.Edison Wu and Chang Chang Ning have been married for a long time, but the wedding was delayed due to the busy competition and the epidemic. Now they have chosen to complete the ceremony in the summer of 2022, which is expected to become the focus of the domestic sports circle.Zhang Changning is almost a household name among sports fans. In addition to her outstanding strength in women’s volleyball, which helped the national team win the gold medal in the 2016 Olympic Games, she has accumulated a large number of fans because of her excellent appearance.And Zhang Changning and Wu Guanxi from love to marriage, is also seen as the best combination of the golden couple, the man is the top handsome boy in the domestic basketball circle, and is the absolute core of the club.Born in 1994, Edison Wu is a 210cm tall center with excellent physical condition and top strength and jumping.Wu entered the Chinese basketball Association (CBA) with Shanghai in 2013 and gradually adapted to the pace of his career. After returning to Jiangsu in 2017, wu quickly became a pillar of the team and has become a leader of the team with the departure of the veteran master.Since 2019, Wu has officially become the main force of Jiangsu. His average has gradually improved from 15.3 points and 8.1 rebounds per game to 20.6 points and 8.1 points per game this season, making progress every year.The CBA began implementing new player contracts in 2020, including the introduction of a Max salary concept and a limited roster per team.In those days, the player trading market was particularly active, and the strong teams also hoped to take the opportunity to grab the big fish inside, such as Fan Ziming returned to Guangzhou from Xinjiang to choose to be sold, and finally went to Beijing Shougang’s arms.It was said that championship teams were interested in Wu, but in the end he chose to stay with Jiangsu, mainly because his family and wife Zhang Changning’s career were not there.Jiangsu team also took out sincerity to keep Edison Wu, rumors signed a maximum salary contract of 8 million yuan per year, and signed the contract when Zhang Changning also followed, the smile on his face can not hide.However, the results of jiangsu team are not good in these seasons, Yi Li retired, Hou Yifan went to Beikong, basically there are no veteran faces, completely into the young reconstruction stage.Li Nan was promoted to head coach of Jiangsu in 2020. The team’s results have been poor, finishing last season and ranking 18th with a 4-24 record this season, far from the playoffs.For Wu, staying in his hometown meant suffering poor results and shouldering the responsibility of reviving the team.From the ability point of view, Wu is indeed a representative of the best center in China, but because the team is weak, the statistical value is not easy to judge, he has not played for the country.In addition, Wu’s injury problem is also a big trouble, his absence will always make Jiangsu team worse.However, the player in the end is a career, Wu is also a career and love double harvest, he and Zhang Changning will long become the focus of the sports news.